Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Baby Boy's Sprinkle

Originally, I didn't want a baby sprinkle for this second baby because I didn't think it was totally necessary. But the party planning extraordinaire Kathryn decided she was going to throw one for me anyway and I'm really glad she did! 

{Previous Kathryn parties: Wedding Shower | Baby Shower for Ella

My only requests were that it be suuuuuuper low-key/simple and that I could somehow work getting a pedicure into the mix ;) 
(Since I tried to give myself one the other week, and it didn't work out so well! I am too big for these things.)
And of course, Kathryn delivered! 

We started with a beautiful brunch at Cafe Monte!

{Cake is from fav!}

{Everyone got blue nail polish...Essie, because Kathryn knows I like the Essie colors the best!}

Trav got called in to work last minute, so I had to bring Ella. She did surprisingly really well! And she loved the cake.

After brunch, a few of us headed over to Polished for manis and pedis!

{Ella did not get a pedicure, considering she won't even let me trim her toenails...}

Thank you Kathryn, for another amazing shower! I'm glad you talked me in to this one :) 
And I'm so thankful to my friends who came! I know it was a busy weekend for everybody, but I love that we were able to celebrate Baby Ferg and have some good girl time!