Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Happenings

This weekend, we....

...had Chipotle with "Pen-a-Ella-baby" (Penelope)

...went to Perfect Balance with Mackenzie

...sprinkled Baby Ferg 2 with lots of love

{more to come on this in a separate post!}

...took some REALLY long (3+ hours!) naps

{excuse the Christmas jammies!}

...nested in a major way

{In addition to getting out alllllll the baby stuff from the attic, I think I did about 6-8-ish loads of baby laundry this weekend!}

...and played with all of the baby things in the process

...and attended Shep's fire truck themed birthday party!

Ella was NOT a fan of the fire truck, which I thought was weird because she normally loves them when she sees them driving around!

Anni had the cutest decorations!

And Ella also wasn't that into her cake...

If you know my child at all, you know under normal circumstances, she will down that piece of cake in about 3 seconds flat. 

Well, of course by this point, we knew something was up with her....and yep, about 10 seconds later, she threw up everywhere. I am officially "that mom" with "that kid" at the birthday party. Thank god Trav was also there to help out...but man, Ella and I were both traumatized (and embarrassed)!
Sorry about that, Shep and Anni!!!! (And all the other party guests!! Hope you don't get sick!)

So, whew what a weekend! 
So now here I am, taking care of my little sick child while mentally preparing for my high risk OB appointment tomorrow...which, thank you so much to all of you who have reached out to me whether on here, or texting/emailing/calling! It means so much and I hope to post more info about the whole thing soon! 

Hope your week is off to a better start than ours is so far! :) 


  1. First, best of luck with your high-risk OB appointment tomorrow. You are in my prayers!

    Second, I totally get the sick kid thing. It's the worst! I'm sure everyone understood. I hope she feels better soon!

  2. Hope all goes well with your appointment tomorrow! & hope that Ella feels better soon!

  3. Hi! Found your blog via Jenuine Happiness. :) So sorry your little lady got sick. That's the worst!

    Good luck with your appointment!

  4. They are so adorable :) Chelsea @