Monday, April 4, 2016

Our Weekend

Happy National Championship Monday!!! 

But backing up, we had a really fun weekend and hope you did too!

Friday, Ella and I met Mackenzie and her mom at Your Mom's Donuts. I had never been here before, but now I totally get why people are obsessed! SOOOO good!

And yes, Ella ate her entire donut. The whole thing. It was huge.

I figured she needed to burn off all that sugar, so we went down the street to Perfect Balance to participate in their Tot Time

Ella had a BLAST and even saw one of her little friends from her gymnastics class at the Y!

Saturday, we had to gear up for the big Final Four game!

We also went to lunch with Auntie Kaffy and baby Penelope!

After nap, Ella had been asking to see the turtles, so I took her to the Nature Museum

She basically wanted to jump in and swim with them.

We also discovered this whole outdoor area that I never knew existed! It was really cool; they had a pond, some huge wind chimes, wagons and wheelbarrows...Ella definitely had fun exploring out there. 

Back inside to see the butterflies....for some reason, she does not like them!?!

We also walked across the bridge to Freedom Park to see the ducks!

Yesterday was Rhys' birthday party. Ella was SOOOO pumped about this party, she had been talking about it all week! 

Ella and Thomas decided they wanted to be like the ducks in the pond ;)

Don't worry, homegirl polished off that piece of cake...and snuck a cookie when we weren't watching, too!

And to make this party even more fun, Baby Penelope was there, too! 

So once again, after copious amounts of sugar, I thought it would be best for Ella to run around and play before we went home! She discovered this little spin-y she didn't get dizzy on there, I have no clue!

And she also got to see-saw with both of her boyfriends!

Ah, young love :)

Today we are sporting our Carolina Blue and getting ready for the big game tonight! If you're not sure who to cheer for, I would really appreciate you pulling for our Tarheels!!! :) 


  1. Cute weekend! I'll definitely be cheering for the Tarheels! I have them winning in my bracket so they absolutely have me as a fan today.

  2. my younger sister just confirmed she is attending UNC in the fall so I will now become a converted fan for her :)

  3. The outdoor section at the nature museum is our favorite part! We like to pack a picnic and eat out there!