Monday, May 2, 2016

A Weekend of Nothing

We did a whole bunch of nothing this weekend, and it was kind of amazing. 

First up, a visit to the strawberry patch on Friday!
Ella was very upset when her shoes got muddy...we must be related.

After we recovered from that, I was really questioning my decision about coming to the strawberry patch. 35 weeks pregnant, I cannot bend over, it was hot, and now my child was getting all fussy. Luckily, Ella decided to turn it around and was all about picking strawberries! And surprisingly, she didn't pick too many green ones. I would point, she would pick. :)

Ella and Mackenzie were mesmerized by the tractor!

We picked so many berries that our basket broke! 5 pounds! And Ella insisted on carrying the basket the whole time. 

They also had some pigs and donkeys {that smelled terrible} that Ella loved watching!

The best part of going to the strawberry patch?! Strawberry slushies!!!

I could have had about 5 of so so good. 

Ella also took M for a ride in this little truck. 

Not pictured: when Ella decided to climb up this 2 story (not exaggerating!) tower to go down the slide....and then got stuck at top, refusing to slide down. Guess who had to climb up there and rescue her? Yep, me and my hugely pregnant self. It was quite a spectacle. Thanks, Elle. 

Anyway, we had a blast at the strawberry patch, and all 5 pounds of our strawberries were gone within 24 hours. Oops. I didn't even get to make a strawberry pie or anything! Looks like we will have to go back this week!

After naps, our neighborhood was having a Food Truck Friday, so we walked up to that for a little bit!

I got Ella a popsicle, but she didn't like it?!?! I know. She just wanted to hold this random flower (that I have no idea where she found it) the whole time!

Saturday morning, we woke up to this:

Yep. Sleeping in her old rock n play. She climbed in there herself with her blankie and Rameses. Something tells me she might have a hard time adjusting in a few weeks?!

We also watched Penelope for a few hours...which meant, we could test drive the new stroller with a real baby! 

I'm happy to report that everything works great and both girls loved it (although Ella's face doesn't show it)!

When Kathryn came back to pick up P, I made her help me with the nursery for a little bit. 
Ella woke up from her nap, so she entertained P in baby brother's crib while the moms worked!

Also, Ella is convinced that Penelope is really her baby brother. She called P "Baby Brother" about 20 times. I don't even know how you go about dealing with this...

Saturday night, we had a gift card we needed to use to Ruth's Chris, so Trav and I had a little date night!
Of course, I forgot to get the babysitter to take our picture, so here is a (god-awful) car selfie!

It was really stormy that night and the power actually went out at the restaurant! Just for a second though, and thankfully our food was still delicious. 

It was over these delicious crab cakes that Travis vetoed every single baby name on my list. Every. single. one. UGHHHH. You all know I have been having the HARDEST time coming up with good boy names for this kid, and now we are back to square one! I will probably be in labor, if not holding the actual baby, when we finally decide on a name! Can someone just pick something out for us?!

Sunday was more of nothing. We had to test out baby brother's toys some more, and we watched the Hornets (hence the crazy outfit color combination). 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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