Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bumpdate {weeks 33-35}

Time to check in for another little update! 
First, I wanted to share with you what exactly has been going on with me and this little baby. (And I apologize if you've heard this from me already 1000 times!) 

Basically, I have something that is called Rh disease/isoimmunization/Rh incompatibility (it's basically all the same thing, but different places call it different things). If you want to google and freak yourself out like I did, you can read here, here and here. I have a negative blood type, so when I was pregnant with Ella (who is a positive blood type), I had to get a rhogam shot, both at 28 weeks and then when she was born to basically prevent this isoimmunization from occurring in my next pregnancy. Usually the first pregnancy is fine, which it was with Ella. But something happened either when she was born or when I was newly pregnant with this second baby where my negative blood mixed with either Ella's or this baby's positive blood. Now the rhogam shots will not work and my body has been building up antibodies against this positive blood. Basically, my body is trying to reject little Baby Ferg. So it's been a little scary to say the least! They have been monitoring me at my regular OB's office with monthly blood tests. This part still confuses me a little bit, but they told me if my titer levels (don't ask me what that is, but I think it has something to do with how many antibodies my body is making) got above 1:8, I would be referred to a high risk specialist. They were 1:8 at 32 weeks, and then when they did a redraw just to make sure at 34 weeks, the titer levels had gone up to 1:16. So off to the specialist I went, freaking out after googling that my baby could either be severely anemic or stillborn from this! 

Luckily at the specialist, they did a very thorough ultrasound where they examined all of baby's organs and his brain very, very closely. They were mostly concerned with the rate of blood flow into his brain. They said it looked really good, and was 1:1 second. However, if it gets above 1:1.5 seconds, then we may have to discuss a possible blood transfusion and/or inducing me right then and there. (Um, YIKES.) I go back to the specialist next week, so please pray that he is still doing well! 

Whew! Ok, onto the "fun" stuff...

Size of baby: He has gone from a cauliflower blossom to a bunch of carrots, which doesn’t seem very big to me. At our ultrasound, we were told he is about 6 pounds, 2 ounces and his head and stomach are HUGE (90 %ile)!
Weight gain: Well, on my home scale I am still up {only, ha} 35ish pounds. Of course, at the stupid doctor’s office, I am up 38 pounds. That scale HATES me. 
Maternity clothes: Yes and I am OVER them. 
Gender: It’s a BOY!!!

Movement: He hasn’t been moving as much since he’s huge and likely running out of room, but he does roll around in there from time to time and I love it! His head is for sure down, so it’s fun guessing what is an arm or leg! He feels like he is all the way up in my ribs, which he very well might be, given his size! 
Cravings: Greek anything, strawberries.
Symptoms: My sciatic nerve continues to just about kill me if I’ve been sitting for a long time, but then I can’t stand up for very long either. It’s getting hot out, and my rings are basically being shoved on to my finger every morning. My belly button has also popped out and is so weird to look at. Bending over = just kill me. I've also been feeling some minor contractions.
Workouts: Took a walk up to our neighborhood park with Ella…it was so freaking hot and hard!! I was dead. 

Sleep: Definitely getting harder and harder to fall asleep. The bathroom thing is ridiculous…a “good” night would be getting up 2-3 times to pee, but it’s usually much more! And I can’t get comfortable…my hip will randomly start hurting for whatever reason and I can’t get back to sleep. 
What I miss: Wine and being skinny!
Best moment this week: Hearing that our little boy was ok at our specialist appointment! I was so worried! And of course, loved seeing him on the ultrasound. We even got a few 4D pictures…he looks a lot like Ella! Runner up best moments: Snagging a City Select on MIC-IT and celebrating this little guy at my sprinkle!

Looking forward to: Can't wait to see this baby via ultrasound again next week...and meeting him in real life hopefully SOON! 


  1. Oh my goodness! He is already bigger than Madeline was when she was born. I'm glad the doctor went ok and hope things go well at next week's appointment.

  2. So glad to hear your u/s went well and all looks well. You and the baby are certainly in my prayers.

  3. I hope that things keep going well for Baby Ferg! Sending good thoughts & prayers your way!

  4. No idea this blog existed and also of your struggles!! Sending hugs and prayers for you and the Mister. xoxo

  5. ok so busy just catching up on blogs now. So scary Mama! I had to have the rhogam shot with Charlie too so of course I now assume I will have this with my second baby whenever that is. Gah!