Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

We had such an amazing weekend. 
Given that my husband came home from work Thursday with a 103* fever, I wasn't sure how this weekend was going to go...but thankfully Ella and I did not get sick (knock on wood) and Trav is feeling much better, so we are very grateful! 

Friday, we hit up Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville. I had never been because it is a little far from us, but it. was. awesome. We will definitely be back.

Of course we had to start out with a bang when Ella climbed up this huge 2 story play structure and then got scared in that tunnel. Guess what 9 months pregnant mom had to climb up there to rescue her? Spoiler alert: it was me. 

Moving on from that experience....they had SO many wonderful things for Ella to explore (besides giant play structures to get stuck in)...and so many of these things she was super interested in! Like a big fire truck, race car, grocery store, Legos, craft area, water table...she had a blast!!! 

After a fun morning, we had lunch with Mackenzie and Chelsea!

Love spending time with my sweet girl before her brother joins us! I'm definitely trying to soak up this 1-on-1 time with her as much as I can!

Late that day, Travis came home from work and despite feeling horrible still, he managed to surprise me for Mother's Day early with beautiful flowers and a card!

And he also had Ella make me a card...

Woohoo! We can get our yard sprayed for mosquitos!!! I am excited! 

Saturday, we were planning to go to the golf tournament, but Trav woke up with a throbbing headache and still felt pretty crappy, so we decided to postpone golf for Sunday. Instead, I took Ella to the strawberry patch (again! and in the same outfit!) so Daddy could rest. 

At one point, she wanted to see if the leaves tasted better than the strawberries...

...they didn't.
And we ran into Mackenzie! These 2 are the cutest.

After nap, we watched the Kentucky Derby. Ella made herself quite comfortable with all of the pillows and blankets. 

Sunday, we finally got to go to the golf tournament!

This was the first year we couldn't walk from our house, so we had to take the shuttle bus instead. Ella freaking loved the bus. She did not want to get off. I'm pretty sure she liked the bus better than the actual golf tournament. 

It was a little hard for this active 2 year old to stay quiet and not constantly play with the ropes, but luckily most people were really nice and understanding. She's lucky she's cute. 

She loved waving to the golfers as they walked by...and some waved back!

After walking around the golf course for 4 hours, I was so hot, tired and swollen. My feet were killing me...and they still hurt today! 
Good thing TCBY was free for moms yesterday, because it was just what I needed to recover!

Hope you had a great weekend, too! 


  1. It sounds like a nice weekend! The joys of motherhood, climbing up structures 9 months pregnant and all, (; .. I love all of Ella's cute dresses!

  2. What a nice weekend! I love the pictures of Ella in the strawberry patch the best!