Friday, May 13, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!

1. Yesterday, Ella and I went with a group of friends to Aw Shucks Farm for a little field trip. It was so cute. The kids got to pretend they were little farmers and had to do all sorts of jobs. 
First, they had to plant some seeds.

Then, they had to get "eggs" (aka, egg-shaped rocks) out of the chicken coop and milk a cow (not a real cow...or milk haha). 

They also got to feed the animals, which Ella loved!

And the best part? A ride on the tractor!

For their hard work, all the kids got to pick out a prize...Ella chose this soccer ball and basketball. Of course. #likefatherlikedaughter

We finished our morning with a picnic lunch. It was suuuuper hot, but we still had such a fun time!

2. I made these tacos last night for dinner and they were amazing. They definitely satisfied my buffalo chicken craving that I've been having lately!

3. Last night Daniel Tiger Live came to Charlotte and we did not go. :(

 I have such mom guilt about this! I didn't know it would sell out so quickly, and by the time I got around to getting tickets, there were none left to buy! I saw a bunch of my friends' pictures from last night and it looked like so much fun! Please, someone who went, tell me it was not that great and we didn't miss anything. Ha! I am hoping they will come back next year! 

4. Baby Ferg update: We went back to the high risk doctor this week, and everything looks great! The only "bad" news: my baby is enormous. At not quite 37 weeks, he was estimated at a solid 8 pounds and his stomach is in the 99th percentile. At least this explains why I feel (and look!) like an enormous whale. I just hope he comes out before he weighs double digits. 

This is so me right now. 

5. My to-do list for the weekend?
-Install car seat
-Pack hospital bag
-Finish the nursery
-Think of a name for this poor child!

Eeekk! It's almost baby time!!!


  1. Such a big boy! Madeline was under six pounds so I don't even want to think about delivering an eight pound baby. I will be thinking about you!!

    I also waited until the last minute to install the car in after my water broke!

    Looks like such a fun trip to the farm! You guys take the cutest outings.

  2. Good luck with birth!! You're going to be awesome. :)