Monday, May 16, 2016

Baby Prep Weekend

Here's a look at our weekend!

Friday we went to Impact One...

...followed by my 37 week doctor's appointment! I am no where close to being in labor, unfortunately, but Ella did have fun playing with the doctor's "toys."

Also on Friday: I got a new phone! I've been eligible for an upgrade for, oh like a year now...I figured now with a baby on the way, I should probably get the iPhone 6 because it takes much better pictures. Yes, that is the reason I upgraded my phone. For better pictures of the new baby. 

Saturday, Trav and I took Ella to Discovery Place because we hadn't been in a while. 

See?! Aren't these better pictures than with my old phone?!

Kathryn also came over that afternoon to help me finish up the nursery!

It was a small battle to hang those stinking curtains (side note: does anyone actually like hanging curtains?! It's probably my least favorite thing to do ever...right up there with taking my car in for an inspection), but Baby Brother's room is almost totally done now!

The only thing left is to add a big navy monogram above his know, once we actually figure out his name!
I'll be sure to share more pictures of his whole room once it's finally 100% complete!

Yesterday was more baby prep! I started packing my hospital bag(s)...

...and made some little treats to hand out to the nurses.

I am going to laugh when this baby weighs 10 pounds at birth and is not such a "little peanut." 

And what would a weekend be without a Target run?!

And a trip to the playground, of course!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. Hi Mindy! I'm relatively new to your blog by way of a few other Charlotte bloggers (though I live in Charlottesville.) Thoughts on the iPhone6? I'm due with baby #2 on June 6th and have been debating an upgrade for the same reason-the camera!!! Is it not huge and awkward to use compared to earlier iPhones?

  2. Cannot believe you are so close to meeting this sweet baby!! I love your hospital gifts. And even if he is a ten pounder, he will still seem like a peanut next to Ella!