Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lucas's Birth Story

I can't believe a week ago today, I was getting ready to get induced and meet our sweet boy.

Yep, that's right. I had a planned induction due to my whole Rh incompatibility issue that I explained a few posts back. I had known for a while that they wanted to induce me at 38 weeks just to be extra safe. That's why I did my bump date a little earlier last week...and had time to straighten my hair before heading to the hospital ;)

So Lucas's journey into this world began last Wednesday, May 18 around 4:00, when I went to my OB's office to get this weird balloon catheter thing to get my body ready for labor. It was really awkward having these cords hanging out of me, but whatever.

When I got home from the doctor's, all 4 grandparents arrived (another bonus to being induced...they all knew when to be in town!) and I grabbed McDonald's for Ella and I before we had to go to the hospital. Not my ideal "last meal," but it was all we had time for!

Saying goodbye to Ella was SO hard! I was sobbing the entire time; you would have thought one of us was dying...I cried all the way to the hospital. 

{hello, swollen eyes from crying!}

We got to the hospital a little after 7 PM and got checked into a room right away. I thought they were going to start the pitocin that night, but they actually weren't going to start it till the next morning. That night, I was really crampy/having some crazy contractions, but the nurse brought me some awesome pain meds that allowed me to get to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and had the WORST pressure on my bladder...but I could. not. pee. because of the balloon catheter (even though it wasn't in my bladder...). It was so awful! As soon as the nurse took it out around 7AM, I was in the bathroom peeing for like 5 minutes straight, ha! I also got to take a shower, which was much needed! 

Around 8 AM, they checked me (I was around 4-5cm dilated!), broke my water and started the pitocin. I got an epidural soon after, and thankfully, the anesthesiologist was much nicer than the one I had with Ella. It was still terrifying and hurt like hell...but at least I didn't have some doctor telling me I was the worst epidural patient ever, like last time. 

So, I didn't have really bad contractions before the epidural (I really just got the epidural because they said I could!), so by the time I started having bad contractions, the epidural had kicked in and it was kind of amazing! I couldn't even feel them! I think I took a little nap and rested some at this point.

Around 11:00, I started having this insane pressure down there. Lucas's head was pushing on some bone or something and it was KILLING me. I was freaking out because I knew it would only get worse when it was time to push and I was not near that stage yet. Trav and my mom tried to push the button to get more of the epidural medicine in me, but it wasn't working! So, my amazing nurse called the anesthesiologist back into the room to give me another small dose of something to help the pain. It started working within a few (long) minutes, thank GOD!

Around 12:30ish, they checked me again and I was at 9/9.5 cm. The doctor said let's plan to push around 1:15. Still operating under the assumption that Lucas is a solid 8.5+ pounds, I start freaking out. I was SO scared to push him out! 

To distract myself, I made Trav and I decide on a name. He said we could name him whatever I I told him my top 3 choices (again) and the only one he liked was Lucas! So that was his name! We just had to decide on a middle name...since Ella's middle name is from my family, I thought Lucas's middle name should be from Trav's family. We actually had to call his mom to consult with her about some good family names, but finally decided on William, which is actually Trav's legal first name, as well as his grandfather's name. Plus it makes a good monogram. :)

Around 1:00, I felt this pressure to push (I remembered the feeling from Ella's labor), so I told the nurse. She had me do a few "practice rounds" of bearing down and pushing before we called the OB in for the real thing. Everything happened so quickly...they started breaking the bed apart, bringing in stuff for the delivery, calling the baby nurse. I really didn't remember most of this stuff happening with Ella! I felt like I was much more alert and aware of what was going on with this labor. 

So I started pushing around 1:10ish. I was mentally preparing myself for another 90 minute pushing session, like I had with Ella. I had a contraction and pushed 3 times, no big deal. The second contraction, I actually felt his head start to come out (omg, sorry if that is too TMI!). The nurse said I could have had him out on that second contraction, but I kinda slacked off at the end. The third contraction (this is seriously after less than 10 minutes of pushing), Lucas was out in the world! 

Unlike with Ella, I actually cried a little bit when I saw him (probably because I wasn't as tired, with only 10 minutes of pushing!). I remember the OB held him up and said, "Oh, he is NOT 8 pounds." Ha! I was so worried about pushing out a 10 pounder and Lucas was only 7 pounds, 6 ounces! An ounce less than Ella. Trav cut the cord, my mom tried to take pictures, and then they handed him to me while cleaning him off. It was so amazing, especially because I didn't get to hold Ella right away like that. We did skin to skin, and he eventually found my boob because, hello, he is a boy. He was a great eater right from the start!

We hung out in the delivery room for a few hours and then they wheeled us down to our recovery room. On the way, we got to hear the lullaby played for Lucas being born, always a special moment. In our new room, we were greeted by all the grandparents and Auntie Caitlin, plus big sister Ella! She was so excited to see Lucas, even though the pictures show otherwise!

We did a little gift exchange between Ella and Lucas. She brought him the Wubbanub she had picked out, and he gave her a special talking Daniel Tiger (she is obsessed with it...good move, Lucas!).

Kathryn also stopped by with Jersey Mike's, wine, cupcakes and a candle to celebrate Lucas's 0 birthday! 

Whew, ok that was a lot to read!
 I'm so glad our sweet boy is here. It's crazy how much of this stuff reminds me of Ella's birth, but is so different all at the same time. 
We have had quite an interesting week since Lucas arrived, but that is another post for another time....stay tuned!


  1. Love hearing his sweet birth story! So glad everything went well! :)

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