Monday, March 7, 2016

Some Randomness for Your Monday

Since I skipped out of Five on Friday, here's a random little catch-up of what we've been up to!
{I know you've been wondering...!}

-Ella woke up from her nap last Monday suuuuper cranky. I attempted a park play date, but as you can see, she was not feeling it.

When we got home, I took her temperature and noticed she had a slight fever. She was also complaining of her ear hurting (she is not one to complain like this), so I called the nurse line and got an appointment for her to see our pediatrician the next morning. 

Poor thing had a bad ear infection. But nothing a Harris Teeter cookie couldn't cure!

-I hosted Bunco Wednesday night. I made Rachel's Feta Pesto Dip, Classic Annie's Caramel Dip, and my personal favorite, Puppy Chow (which, I need to make again because Baby Ferg really liked it!). We had lots of fun helping each other figure out Snapchat, I won $0 as per usual, and we all decided Bunco nights should be yoga pants/comfy clothes only from now on.

-After seeing one of my friend's kids (who is 2 months younger than Ella) say all of her colors on an Instagram video, I decided we needed to kick it into gear with Ella learning her colors! So last week, we kicked off a "color of the week," and started with red!

We did a red coloring page, I pulled out all of Ella's "red" colored books and put various red toys/things I found around the house in a tub. We also made a red collage, looking through magazines and cutting out pictures of things that are red!

-We had family in town Thursday through Saturday, which meant lots of meals out! (You all know I hate cooking, especially for multiple people!) Thursday night we had Cantina 1511, where I discovered my child is completely obsessed with ketchup.

{Yes, she is dipping her quesadilla into the ketchup. Gross.}

Friday, we went out for brunch and Ella completely dominated her eggs and pancakes. These are her 2 most favorite foods ever, so pretty sure she was in heaven. 

Our whole crew! My mom and dad, my uncle from Colorado, his girlfriend and her parents! 

-My uncle and his girlfriend went to her parents' in Blowing Rock on Friday while my parents stayed in Charlotte for an extra we took Ella shoe shopping!

She already has a pair of Salt Water sandals and Natives (thank you, Rachel!), but I wanted to get her some sturdy white sandals as well. We got her these, and I am hoping they will hold up (and fit) all summer! Girlfriend is hard on her shoes!!

-I left my parents with Ella at the mall (where she helped my mom pick out a new Tory Burch purse, and charmed all of the sales ladies at the Tory store!) to hit up the Myers Park Presbyterian Consignment Sale. I managed to score a friends pass so I could shop Friday night instead of with the masses Saturday morning.
 Here's what I got:

I have 3 sales I really want to hit up this week, and then I should be done!! Baby boy's wardrobe is already out of control, and Ella's spring/summer collection is pretty well-stocked too. Just need to find some more shirt/short sets for her, since she has a lot of dresses already. 

-How bout those TARHEELS?!?!?!

We were SOOO excited they beat Dook Saturday night! We may or may not have snuck into Ella's room after the game to wake her up and tell her Rameses' team won! 

-I painted my toes for the first time since Christmas (no, really). At 27.5 weeks pregnant, it was every bit painful and difficult as I thought it would be. Time to hit up Polished when this starts to chip!
(Also, there is not a picture of this because I hate feet. Especially my feet. I have sausage toes. But I wanted to document that I did in fact give myself a pedicure in the third trimester, which I am pretty proud of for attempting.)

-Yesterday we decided to be like the other 204738257 people in Charlotte who wanted to go to Freedom Park, since the weather was so nice!
After driving around for about 20 minutes looking for a parking spot, we visited the ducks (and Ella almost fell in the pond 3 times #momoftheyear).

Holy crapload of people on this playground. 

Ella wasn't quite sure what to do with herself, so we ventured over to the Panthers play area. It was still crowded, but at least I didn't have to climb on any crazy play structures to rescue her. 

And that's a wrap on our week/weekend!


  1. Ella is too cute in her UNC outfit! You really racked up at that consignment sale - baby #2 is going to be just as well dressed as Ella :)

  2. You racked up at the consignment sale. I'm hoping to hit up some in the fall. Not ready to leave my little one all alone with dad yet and certainly not drag her along! Haha! I hope Ella's ear is feeling all better.

  3. So glad we could pass down some of our most favorite shoes to Ella!!