Friday, March 11, 2016

Five on Friday

1.  This. weather.

If you think we've been spending as much time as possible outside lately, you would be correct! It's not too humid yet and just perfect! Can it stay like this forever?!

2. ....Which means, it's officially bubble season! 

I love a bubble on pretty much any child under the age of 3. I thought Ella might be getting too old for bubbles (and that they would be difficult for when we potty train...which I need to start soon, ugh), so she only has a few that fit her! But after seeing her yesterday in this cute Wizard of Oz bubble, I changed my mind. So if you see any cute 3T bubbles, send them my way!

3. Tuesday was National Pancake Day, and of course we had to celebrate with free pancakes at IHOP!

Ella LOVES pancakes so she was pretty much in heaven. Every time the waiter brought pancakes out and walked past our table, she got really upset when he kept walking to take them to another table!

4. I passed my glucose test yesterday!!!!

Thank GOD. 
For some reason, I was convinced I was not going to pass it this time, and was already dreading the next 12 weeks without bagels, cereal, and of course, pop tarts. But thankfully, my level was 75 mg/dL and it had to be under 125 mg/dL, so I am good to go!!! Let my ridiculous weight gain continue!

5. Did anyone watch the series finale of Downton Abbey?!

Personally, I was really glad they wrapped everything up neatly and gave everyone a happy ending. I hate when shows end on a cliffhanger!! Although I'm dying to know what Anna and Bates named their baby boy (still looking for ideas for Baby Ferg over here...!). Maybe they can do a reunion in a few years?!

Have a great weekend! You better believe we will be enjoying this weather!!

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