Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lately | March

I had every intention of doing these "lately" posts at the beginning of each month....but I got kinda busy in November/December/January/February between hiding my pregnancy for a little while, moving, the holidays and then Ella's birthday!
But I'm back at it again, so here's a look at our life lately!

Wearing: Lots and lots of maternity clothes. 

My favorites right now are these leggings (yes they are not maternity, but fit over the bump perfectly; and yes, I gave up Target until March 27 but I stocked up ahead of time!) and these tank tops under everyyyyything. I really need to get some summer maternity clothes; any ideas of where to look without breaking the bank?!

Reading: So, so sad but nothing at the moment. Well, except children's books to Ella. I know. 

Thinking: Is this warm weather here to stay?!?! Please say yes.

Craving: All the strawberry pop tarts. And pasta salads!

Loving: That today is my fabulous mom's birthday!!! Yay! 

AND she and my dad are coming to visit this weekend, along with my uncle and his girlfriend from Colorado. Woo hoo for family in town!


The Bachelor (totally think he's picking Lauren), Fuller House, and of course all of my Bravo shows. We also finally finished Making a, so good!

Planning: Baby Ferg 2's nursery! 

We are almost done painting the dresser; we just have to put new trackers and door pulls on. It's turning into quite an expensive and time-consuming project and I am half wondering why we didn't just buy a new dresser. Oh well. Can't wait to share the final product when it's finally done!

Happy March!

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  1. Hi Mindy! s08.mrobinson here ;). Love following your little family. I found some great, cheap summer maternity clothes at a few years ago. And, Old Navy! Hope that helps! Congrats on baby #2.