Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend Fun

We has SUCH a fun weekend!!!

Kicking things off Friday, we headed to Impact One. Charlotte friends, you need to hit this place up immediately!!! For only $5, you get a whole hour of play for your toddler on Tuesday and Friday mornings {here is the schedule}. Ella loved every second of it!

After Impact One, the girls were a little hungry, so we took them to get bagels! Except Ella wanted a gigantic muffin. But it had cranberries in it, so it must be healthy, right?!

And then we let them run around on the patio since it was so nice out!

Ella's fun Friday did not end there...oh no. She got the CAR CART at Harris Teeter AND a cookie! (hi, sugar overload between that and the muffin!)

Friday night was the big consignment sale I talked about last week, and I did pretty well. I got all of this for only $46. Surprisingly, baby brother did better than Ella!

Saturday was Frankie's Curious George birthday party. She lives in our neighborhood, so we walked over there. 

We love, love, loved the Curious George theme!

Her mom even had this awesome photo op poster made...but guess who didn't cooperate for that?!

As per usual, Ella's favorite part of the party was eating.

Considering we've had 3 birthday parties in the month of February, I'm pretty sure she thinks birthday parties and cake happen every Saturday now. 
We spent our walk home trying to open the party favors (bubbles! And a little Curious George!). 

Saturday night was spent watching this. Don't judge. I may or may not have cried during the first episode.

Sunday, I was able to put the first coat of paint of Baby Ferg's dresser! Trav has been working hard on sanding and priming, so now it was my turn to do some work!

We got some more outside time in with our sweet girl...

...and she even helped us make this for dinner!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Ella partied a little too hard this weekend and is now not feeling too terrific. I think she may have an ear infection. We are headed to the doctor's tomorrow. Fingers crossed she bounces back quickly!