Friday, February 26, 2016

Five on Friday {Consignment Sales!}

It's no secret that I am ridiculously addicted to consignment sales. I mean, what is the point of spending $100s on outfits your kids will only wear for a few months before they outgrow them, right? Right.

This weekend is my favorite consignment sale in Charlotte, and for the next few weekends, I have multiple sales to I thought I'd dedicate a 5 on Friday to my love of consignment sales!

Here are my 5 steps of consignment sale shopping:

1. Before you even go to the consignment sale, measure your kid and know how brands run.

Obviously this is important so you know what size to buy. I know Ella is roughly about 35 inches tall and 30ish pounds...which according to most size charts is between a 2T and 3T.

 If I look at most outfits, I can tell if it will be too small for her or not. Which brings me to my next point...know how brands run! Every brand is different, and back in the fall I made a super boring list (but helpful to me) of how a bunch of brands in Ella's closet ran. So I know I need 3T in Lilly Pulitzer stuff, but maybe 2T (or even 24 months) in smocked dresses.

{perfect example of how crazy clothing sizes are...that sweatshirt is a 3T and the pants are 18 months!}

2. Know what you need and what you already have.

I make a list of specifically what I am looking for, and I also note what we already have (so I don't end up with 52 pairs of pink leggings....not like that's ever happened). 

3. Figure out if shopping early is worth it.

Sometimes, places will only let you shop early if you volunteer or consign. Other places will charge a small fee to the public to shop early.
For all of you Charlotte people, here are the upcoming sales, and I put an * next to the ones that are good for shopping early!

-Moms of Multiples: February 6 (sorry, this party is already over)
-Harris YMCA: February 27 *get a pass to shop today; it's worth it! This is my favorite sale!
-Posh Closet: March 3
-Tarheel Kids: March 3-5
-Myers Park Presbyterian: March 5 *go as early as you can!
-For Every Season: March 10-13
-Weddington: March 11-13 *I've already got my early shopper buddy pass for this one!
-TTBKidz: March 11-13
-Sardis Weekday School: March 12 *I've always had good luck at this one
-Upscale Weesale: March 16-19

4. Have a plan of attack. 

Because this is so overwhelming:

Ok so a few things here.
1. Remember, you are just buying for this spring and summer ONLY! In August and September there will be a whole other round of consignment sales for fall and winter clothes.
2. I am not one of those people who lugs a laundry basket around at these things. That shit slows me down. I travel light: I have my big tote bag purse, and then another reusable tote bag that I cram as much as I can into.
3. Look for the stuff you need the most first. I am on the HUNT for an Ergo this year, so I'll be headed toward that section first. Followed by girls' clothes. And then boys' clothes. Sorry Baby Ferg...but you already have more summer clothes than a newborn should ever need. Books and toys will be last on my search because we already have a million of each and probably don't need anymore. 

5. Use the sorting tables!

Basically if it's something I am even remotely interested in, I grab it. Then when my bag gets full and/or my arms get tired, I find a sorting table (or just plop on the floor) and go through everything. I have price limits for everything; I won't pay more than about $4 for basics like leggings and tees; I'll go up to $20 for smocked and boutique clothes. I also make sure it's not similar to anything Ella already has (I consult my list, see #2), and I check it thoroughly for any rips/stains/wash wear. Nothing is worse than getting home and finding a big stain on something you can't return.

After I've sorted stuff out, I'll go back through the racks and see if I missed anything the first time. Then, I sort back through everything and get in line to check out.

When I get home, I lay everything out, so proud of my purchases!

{these were some of my finds at last year's sales!}

Yay for consignment sales!!! 


  1. are serious!! And you get to shop for a baby boy tonight!!!! So fun :)

  2. I'm a huge garage sale fan, but the consignment sales intimidate me! This year, I might try to find some up in Charlotte or Greenville before Baby #3 arrives.

  3. You are so organized. I did the Wee Sale in the fall early in my pregnancy but can't go this time. I'll have to remember these tips for the next sale. You probably know all the good ones in the area. Can you pass along a list?

  4. Love this! I want to come visit just for the sales ;) Your write up was so true to life.