Friday, February 19, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

1. This little stinker decided that 3:45 AM was a good time to start her Friday this morning.

Ok Moms, I need your help! 
Every morning when Ella wakes up, she wants to come in our bed and snuggle with us (something she's been doing since she was basically born!). But lately, the time has gotten earlier and earlier. She has one of those "Ok to wake" clocks that lights up green at 6:45, but she rarely makes it till then! She usually gets up between 5 and 6, and because Trav and I are still half asleep and don't want to fight the fight, we just put her in our bed at that point. Well, yesterday it was 4: something, and today, 3:45!!! She will absolutely refuse to get back in her bed, and screams bloody murder till we come get her (so it's not like we can go back to sleep if we just leave her, because all we hear is her screaming). We've tried bribing her with stickers, candy, everything....but she will even say "Mommy Daddy snuggle, no sticker, no chocolate." So she doesn't even care! Today, I had to cancel our playdate, which I think I am more upset about than she is. So....any ideas?!?! Let her cry for 2+ hours every morning, or just keep putting her in bed with us at whatever time she wakes up?!? Ahhhh help. 

2. Moving on from that short novel (sorry!), we closed on our old house on Tuesday!

I went over there Monday night to leave the keys and garage door openers for the new owner, and I got really sad! Because this was our first house; the one we came home from our honeymoon to, the one we brought Ella home from the hospital to....and I was sad to see it go to someone else! But, I am glad to not have the extra mortgage and utility bills!

3. I used my Old Navy super cash last week and got all of this for $33!

PS-These are clearly clothes for Ella since I am entering whale status and do not have fun clothes anymore.

4. Speaking of shopping (oh hey, remember that one year I gave up shopping for Lent?! Not this year, clearly), I found some super fun things at Homegoods this week as well!
I found these pillows and quilt for our guest room...

Now I just need to get a nightstand and something for above the bed!

I also found this laundry hamper for our little guy! 

5. Speaking of that little guy, I need to MAJORLY get going on his nursery!!! My plan is to sand down and maybe start painting this dresser this weekend:

And just for fun, here are some pics of my nursery inspiration this time around!

Most of the pins I've seen for a navy boy's nursery are nautical themed, but we are going to do a sports theme, because, hello have you met my husband?! You can see my whole Pinterest board here

Anyways, hope you all have a great weekend with lots of sleep!! Something I need right now!


  1. I have zero advice when it comes to Ella. sorry! I will say, my boys are not snugglers- so part of me wants you to snuggle forever....the other part of me thinks you may want to work on stopping those early wake ups before baby #2 comes. But I have no suggestions on how!....but she sure is CUTE. Happy Friday! Hoping you get a good nap in today, Mama!

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