Monday, February 1, 2016

The Circus Was in Town...

Did anyone else have a completely crazy weekend?! I feel like we did. not. stop. the whole 3 days.

Friday we wished my dad a happy birthday...

...and spent some time outside since it was finally warming up!

That night, Trav and I were sitting down watching "Making a Murderer" {side note: omg, we are hooked you guys!!! We've gotten through episode 5 this weekend...I still totally think he's guilty. And I'm getting sick of his nephew and his mom's constant "yeah"s on the phone; does that annoy anyone else but me?!}, when I realized my anniversary band was missing! I immediately started freaking out (naturally) and we searched everywhere. Trash, sink/garbage disposal, my car...I even went back to Viva Chicken where I had picked up dinner to see if it was in the parking lot. We finally gave up after an hour and I started praying like crazy to St. Anthony (I googled "lost anniversary band" and everyone said he is the saint of lost things and it might help, ha!). 

Saturday, we took a break from the anniversary band search to take Ella to the circus. I know the animals are not treated well; I tried not to think about it...and I guess this year is the last year they are using the elephants anyway. So that's good!

Ella's mouth literally fell open when the tigers came out. I think she was looking for Daniel!?

All in all, a fun time!

After the circus, I was putting Ella down for a nap when I noticed a sparkly circle on the floor in her room....IT WAS MY RING!!!!! I started freaking out and screaming...Travis (who was checking my car for 18th time) came running in panicked, thinking I had fallen down the stairs or something! Thank GOD (and Saint Anthony!) we found it! I always take my rings off when I give Ella a bath...I must not have put all 3 of them on after her bath Friday night!

Yesterday, we read the newspaper (specifically, the ads)...

...and did a little birthday party prep! 
Any idea of how to get these pictures to form a much better looking 2 than I have here?!?!

Also...the ice cream truck drove down our street. In January. Playing Jingle Bells. Ella about lost her mind and spent the next 20 minutes looking for the ice cream truck.

Only 2 more days with my one year old...look for an excessively Ella-obsessed post Wednesday!!


  1. You'll have to watch the Dateline special once you finish the series. And yes, the "yeah's" were annoying to us too!!

  2. Please tell me your rings are insured!!!!

  3. I think your "2" looks great!! And SO glad you found your ring!!!

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