Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Weekend

We had a super low-key Valentine's Day weekend! It was actually nice to relax and hang out with 2 of my favorite people all weekend (well, 3 if you count Baby Ferg who is moving around all. of. the. time. in there!)!

Some highlights:

Friday morning playdate at Gigi's house, complete with snow!

Trip to the mall to use Ella's birthday gift cards.

We got this Lilly dress, but couldn't find anything at the Disney store. She wanted to take home the huge display tree they had. I told Ella it wouldn't fit in the car. Maybe we will go back in a few weeks to see if something else grabs her attention (besides huge store displays)!

I made another bow holder because someone has 89 bows (I counted) and they were all too squished on the one picture frame. 

{More about making the bow holder can be found here}

Making heart-shaped pancakes (or trying to!)

Ella got to use her learning tower that we got her for her birthday and LOVED it! Also, it needs to be noted that she calls hearts "I ohh yuuu's (I love you's). So all day she was talking about how she helped me make I love you pancakes, and had I love you's on her shirt. 

I got some pretty roses from my husband! He always gets me flowers for Valentine's Day, but I always forget/don't expect them, so it is a nice surprise when he sneaks out to the store and comes home with them!

We had waayyy too much fun with the face filters on Snapchat. Ella is addicted. Ok fine, I am too. 

And of course, we had a few photo shoots. I am seriously obsessed with the Eleanor Rose dress she wore on Friday. 

Hope you had a great weekend, too!


  1. Ella is too cute. I love her Valentine's pictures. your play dates look so fun. I sure hope to find some play mates around my little one's age once she arrives. Speaking of, we are about to need a second bow holder already as well!

  2. Love the photo shoot! We also have a ridiculous amount of bows! I just love that dress on Ella!