Monday, September 8, 2014

Life with Ella {week 31}

Here's a look at our past week!

Monday was Labor Day, and my parents were still visiting, so naturally this happened:

That evening we had our friends, including Ella's BF over for a BBQ! Things got a little racy when Ella decided to take her dress off. (I didn't want her dinner to end up on those smocked flags!)

Ella also helped her dad with his fantasy football draft!

On Tuesday, we hit up Whole Foods...

...and then Ella had her very first modeling experience! Like, real modeling, not just for me! :) 
It was for Sweet Needle Co. and I've got to say, it was probably the funniest thing ever. 

Ella was a pro. She knew when to smile and ham it up for the camera. When the photographer told the other kids to look at each other, Ella looked at them, too! (Seen in the bottom right picture.) She follows directions so well...the teacher in me loves that! :)
I can't wait to see the professional pictures. You know I will share them on here! 

Wednesday was Ella's 7 month birthday, so we had to make the chalkboard (hey, at least it's not every week like when I was prego, that got old real quick!) and have our photo shoot!

On Thursday, we had planned to go to library story time, but we were running late, so by the time we got there, they were full! :( So we went shopping instead!

I think this should be an ad for Target: 

She was so happy in there!

And to round out our day, we stopped at a consignment sale...Ella's new favorite thing is to grab clothes and "ask" me to buy them for her. I said no to this outfit.

On Friday, we went to the mall, where Gymboree was having special activities for the launch of their Eric Carle line

Then we went to Trader Joe's, where, again, Ella should do some advertising for them ;) No fewer than about 15 people came up to us and said how cute Ella was! When we got to the checkout, cashiers from other lines left their lines to see Ella! was quite comical! 

She just loves life sitting up in that shopping cart! It's so funny to me what a little ham she is becoming! 

We were supposed to go to Chapel Hill on Saturday for the UNC game, but Ella woke up pretty congested and really cranky. After much debating, (and driving around Charlotte for 20 minutes), we decided it was probably best for her if we didn't go. For those of you who know my husband, that's saying a lot for him to miss a Carolina game!

So instead, we stayed home and cheered from our couch (well Trav and I did...Ella was in bed by the time the 8:00 game started). 

I also took this opportunity to wash and lay out everything I had bought at the 3 (yes three! tis the season) consignment sales I went to this week... (this one, this one, and this one if you're really interested!)

Lots of good buys!! Ella is good to go with leggings (and clothes in general) for the winter! 
I just need to find a cute appliqué to cover up the girl's name ("Katy") on that bookshelf...but for $12, I couldn't pass it up!

I also decided that since we needed more storage for Ella's clothes, I needed to do something about her hair bows that were taking up a drawer of precious space in her dresser. So I made this:

I wish I could give you some sort of tutorial, but it was really the easiest thing ever. I got a big picture frame, fabric, and ribbon. I just hot glued the fabric onto the cardboard that came with the picture frame, and then glued the ribbons on the back as well. I used these hooks below it to hang up her ridiculous amount of headbands. 

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

Yesterday, we had to cheer on the Panthers!

And we ended our weekend by steaming in the bathroom. 

Definitely helped out my allergies (and I think Ella's too!)...and how cute is that robe?!? $4 at a consignment sale!

Here's to hoping Ella's sniffles go away this week!


  1. she is so precious. OMG. Ok so need to know where you find most of your girl clothes and where you buy your headbands. I have not bought one thing for Ms Charlie yet and I am itching to do a little shopping and Ella always looks picture perfectly adorable.