Monday, September 29, 2014

Life with Ella {week 34}

Just look at that sneaky little smile....this was after about 30 minutes of block-grabbing!!


Monday was the first day of my most favorite season, so we took a few pics on our front steps. I tried to have Ella hold some pumpkins, but she just kept eating them. 

Also, Sweet Needle Co. updated their website with their fall/winter line...which included several pics of Ella modeling! 

I am so proud of her! You can check them out on Sweet Needle's website here. They have the cutest stuff and I plan on ordering TONS!!! (Just kidding, Travis. I will order 1 thing.)

Tuesday, we practiced crawling. Ella is soooo close. I can usually entice her to crawl toward my phone or the remote if it is relatively close, but if I move it too far away, she gets frustrated and rolls over crying. We will keep trying!

{dress and shoes from Gap; jeggings from Carter's}

I also had to get another new phone (not the iPhone 6 unfortunately), because mine kept randomly shutting off 8-12 times a day. Super annoying! So we spent quite a bit of time at the Apple store last week. 

We finished off Tuesday by breaking out the bath toys!

On Wednesday, we went grocery shopping...

...and can I just say how much I love this little romper?! 

I found it at Kid to Kid for like $4! I almost want to be Ella's Halloween costume, but I already bought all the stuff to make hers. 

Thursday, we finally made it back to story hour at the library! 

{outfit from my mom--from Zara in Spain}

I really hope they clean those toys because Ella wanted to put everything in her mouth. 

Since the library is right by one of my favorite children's boutiques, we stopped there afterwards. But...I did not buy anything! Can you believe it?!

We also went to Target, where Ella was mesmerized by the TVs.

Who had a fun Thursday?!

This girl!

Friday, we ate some books....

{dress / bow}

...pulled up on the wall....

...and picked up our bookshelf from being monogrammed!

I got this for $12 at a consignment sale, but it had another girl's name on it. I took it to Alphabet Soup, and they worked their magic! I love how it turned out!

I'm going to tell you about our weekend in another post, because it was very fun and I have lots of pictures!!! I know you are excited! :)


  1. Gosh she's so stinking cute! I can't do pumpkins until the official start of October. Brad's like that too. SO this weekend we're hitting up the patch and decorating with everything FALL!!!

  2. Oh my word Ella is cute!! And that raincoat! My husband so could relate to the shopping comment... just one thing! Haha!