Monday, September 15, 2014

Life with Ella {week 32}

{top / pants / bow}

You have no idea how hard it was to get this week's picture this morning!! This child is into everything. Those blocks being at the top of her list. 

Anyways, here we go...

On Monday, our cleaning ladies (yay!!!) were here all morning, so when they left (and after nap), we went to Old Navy. I got Elle some little leggings and the sweetest denim skirt!

Monday night, I was tutoring, and Ella about launched herself right out of her chair. Into everything (or out of, in this case), I tell ya!! Thank goodness she was strapped in!

Tuesday, we watched a little Real Housewives (in moderation)/ate the remote...

...and because it was finally not 90000 degrees out, we went on our first long walk in months!

Ella has been really into fist-pumping when she's done eating her dinner. It's the funniest thing ever. 

On Wednesday, Ella "helped" me set up the baby gate at the top of the stairs!

Good news, it works! :)

Thursday, I was feeling rather inspired, so we went to the craft store and started buying a few supplies for Ella's first birthday party. Yes, I know it's September. But you know how Michael's always has those 40% off coupons? I figured if I start now, I can gradually keep buying stuff using all of those each time! Plus, I'm trying not to procrastinate. (Something new for me!)

I am continually adding to my Pinterest board, so if you have any good ideas for "Breakfast at Ella's," send them my way! 

With these cooler temps, I decided it was probably about time to break out some of Ella's fall wardrobe...

{bubble / bow}

...and she also decided she wanted to go on a run?

Saturday was one of her boyfriend's, Thomas', 1st birthday party! Ella has a fab time playing with all of his toys...

{dress is from Target, but can't find it online!}

... and bothering Auntie Kaffy!

Sweet little Thomas wasn't sure about his cake (but he did eat it all!)...

...but he loved playing with his presents, including this super cool bike!

Of course, Ella had to try it out too.

Ella's other boyfriend Rhys was in attendance also, so we had to get the 3 of them together for their first picture since April (at Rhys' birthday party). 

Yesterday, on the worst Fantasy Football day in the history of ever (no, really, one of my teams scored like 50 points. TOTAL.), I went on a 7 mile run (perfect weather for doing so yesterday!) and Ella hung out with her dad.

We also discovered her new favorite toy: empty chip bags. 

Why do I even bother buying her baby toys?!?!? 

Have a great week everyone! :)