Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Seven Month Favorites

A few faves for Ella's seventh month of life!

1. Umbrella stroller: I caved and got an umbrella stroller for the sole purpose of bringing it to UNC games (you are allowed to bring a stroller into the stadium if it will fit under your seat....something our original stroller was not even close to being capable of!). I wish I had gotten it sooner!! It is SO lightweight and easy to maneuver, it has become my go to stroller that permanently stays in the trunk of my car! Travis wanted to know why we had to get such an expensive one, and why we didn't just "go to Walmart and pick out one with Disney characters on it"? Well, no offense if that's what you have, but I tried out a whole bunch of umbrella strollers at Buy Buy Baby and a lot of them felt super cheap and like they were about to fall apart (even the cheaper Uppababy umbrella stroller)! Plus this one reclines and is such a pretty color (which is obviously all that really matters). 
2. Blanket: This blanket is the It was perfect for the beach...and then I fell even more in love when we took it tailgating! Ella's bf spilled mimosas all over it (he didn't have any to drink, no worries!) and it wiped off magically! Plus, it can go in the washing machine, and it folds up into a nice little package!
3. Sun shade: Ella lived in this thing when we were at the pool! I love that it is shaded too, so I don't have to worry about her being in the sun for too long. 
4. Cart cover: You've probably noticed this thing popping up in a lot of my weekly recap pictures! This particular one is great because it's big enough to fit on the ginormous Target shopping carts!

1. Pop up animal toy: They had one of these at the YMCA and it kept Ella from crying for about 3 minutes, so I had to get her one! She hasn't figured out how to make the animals pop up yet, but she does know how to slam them down!
2. Blocks: These are awesome because they each do something different (crinkle, rattle, etc.), plus they are soft and easy to clean. Ella loves to chew on them as well!
3. Tumble top: I didn't even know what this was until Ella grabbed it at a consignment sale. It was $1.75, and let me tell you, that was the best $1.75 I've ever spent! You just push the top and the little balls inside pop and spin simple, but my child would be entertained for hours by this thing. It is also very durable and held up to Ella's bf slamming it on the ground. :)

And because it's back to school time, here are a few of our favorite books:

1. Goodnight Owl: Of course I love anything owls and this is a great bedtime story!
2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar: A classic. I love pretty much anything Eric Carle, but this one takes the cake.
3. Hug-a-Bible: My grandparents gave this to Ella at her baptism, and she likes to hold it because it's cover is so soft. It has cute little poems for the more popular Bible stories (David and Goliath, Noah's ark, etc.) and makes the minister's daughter in me feel better when we can't make it to church!
4. The Going to Bed Book: I love Sandra Boynton books, and this one is especially funny and cute!


  1. I could totally see wanting a nicer stroller as well! Your baby is in there being supported by that plastic! But its nice to have a smaller one for events like a game!

    tattered to taylored

  2. Ha, we have the $30 umbrella stroller from Buy Buy Baby, it works for us. Gavin has that tumble top and loves it too!