Monday, September 22, 2014

Life with Ella {week 33}

Happy first day of fall!! 
Of course, we are wearing our pumpkins (Ella) and drinking our pumpkin spice lattes (me) proudly. 

Last Monday, I took Ella to a Gymboree class. I used to go to Gymboree when I was little, but of course do not remember it...but it was really fun for Ella!!!

{shirt / pants / bow}

She had a great time with the other babies (who were all right around her age)! I thought it would wear her out...but this past week, Ella decided she only wanted to nap for 15-30 minutes at a time. It was awful. Here she is screaming in her crib after 20 minutes....

On Tuesday (after a crazy short nap), we took a walk...and we had this:

I mean, why sleep in the crib?!? UGH!

After that "nap," Ella's boyfriend brought over his Zany Zoo for her to borrow! 

{outfit from Gap / bow from Target}

She immediately loved it and pulled up for the very first time!!! Which means that I need to watch her even more closely now! 

On Wednesday, we made a Target run, complete with my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. 

At Target, we got these Baby Mum Mums...I was a little unsure of them since I guess they are made in China?! But I read lots of reviews online and pretty much every {credible} source said they were safe. 

Ella LOVED them!!! And unlike the puffs (which we are also big fans of), she can hold these a lot easier!

Thursday, Ella decided to eat magazines...

....go completely batsh*t cray while I tutored (it was hilarious)....

...and practically lunge herself out of her crib during "nap time," which at this point was becoming more like "sit-in-the-crib-and-cry-until-Mommy-can't-take-it-anymore" time. 

So after that whole scary situation, we lowered the crib!

Did it help the naps? Of course not. 

I had ordered some baby Toms on Zulily, and we got them on Friday! Too bad I know nothing about baby shoe sizes and they are wayyyy too big! Oh year!

{dress / Toms}

Someone also decided a 15 minute nap was sufficient, so I put her to work doing laundry when she woke up!

I had to work at the Y, so on the 15 minute car ride there, apparently that was nap time! 

We got to the Y (where Ella has been doing a lot better with the separation anxiety!), and she decided to become a cannibal and eat this poor baby doll. 

Saturday was game day for UNC! (Annnnd spoiler alert: they husband still isn't talking about it.) It was a little chilly, so Ella had to wear her new leg warmers! I ordered them from here, and Ella tore the ribbons apart after having them on for 5 seconds. The girl who made them was sweet enough to have me send them back and she fixed them at no extra put extra strong ribbon to hold the bows on for my destructive child! I highly recommend ordering from her....she is fast and her stuff is super cute!

Trav's parents and nana came into town, and they were sweet enough to set up the swing I had just gotten for Ella!

She could have swung in that swing all day! She loved it!!

She also loved playing with her new toy cell phone that her grandparents brought her!

Ella helped Daddy feel better after Carolina lost...

And she also took some pics with Trav's family!

On Sunday, I finally put together a little play area for Ella. I found the foam tiles at a consignment sale, since the rug we have in this room is one of those natural fiber rugs and is a little ouchy to sit on. 

I went and got pedicures with Kathryn and Kathy, and after, we took Ella and her other boyfriend, Carter (the one who is 25 hours younger than her!) on a walk! We ended up at the Kathryn's neighborhood playground, where Ella got to swing some more!

{dress / bow}

She just loves to swing!

She also went down the slide with Auntie Kaffy, which I don't think she liked quite as much. 

I also forgot to to mention that my husband seemed to cure Ella's 15 minute nap problem this weekend...I don't know what he did, but (***knock on wood***) she is finally sleeping for longer than a hot second. This morning she slept for a solid 90 minutes!!!! 
Send positive thoughts our way that she keeps this up!!! 


  1. Definitely sending positive thoughts your way!! Avery has only been getting up once a night (such an improvement from 2-3 times per night), but she is still a terrible napper! 15-20 minutes per nap sure isn't enough!

  2. Would love to see y'all if you are at the Clemson / unc game tomorrow!