Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fun Fall Weekend

Good morning and Happy October! 
My favorite month!

But let's back up to September, and the amazing weekend we just had!

Last fall, I decided that this year, I really, really, really HAD to take Ella apple picking! After a little research, and asking some friends, we decided to go to Sky Top Orchard. 

Sky Top got it's name because it is literally on top of a mountain, and was the most gorgeous apple orchard I've ever seen! 

Ella wasn't too sure about the whole apple picking thing at first. 

But she eventually got the hang of it, even though she wanted to put all the apples in her mouth! 

She wasn't a fan of us putting her in the apple bucket!

After we picked some apples, we went into the little store to purchase them. They had tons of already picked apples, as well as apple donuts, cider, and pretty much any other apple product you could want.

A few of my friends had been to Sky Top and I saw they had taken pictures in front of cute signs. I could not find these stupid signs ANYWHERE. Travis was ready to go (football was calling), so I asked an employee where the heck these signs were. They were hidden next to the playground, in case you were wondering!

Can't wait to go back next year and get a comparison picture :)

So, another part of the reason we went to Sky Top was because it was only an hour away from Clemson. UNC was playing Clemson last weekend and Trav wanted to go to the game. So it kind of worked out...just made for a very busy day! 

So, after the apple orchard, it was time to tailgate!

Ella even had her own little tailgate of mangoes. 

We've been to Clemson before, and I have to say, Clemson people are seriously the NICEST fans ever! As we walked to the game, several people stopped to say how cute Ella was (even though she was wearing a UNC outfit!). When we got in to the game, people were also really hospitable, talking to us as we waited to get in and get our stroller checked, and helped us figure out where our seats were. I'm sure having a cute baby helped, but I remember them being just as nice a few years ago, when Ella was obviously not in tow. 

Ella wanted nothing to do with taking a picture with me....she just wanted to see the field! Truly her father's daughter...

Clemson is SUCH a football school. SO fun! Games are not like this at Carolina at all
We both told Ella if she doesn't get in to Carolina, she can definitely go to Clemson ;)

Ella loves watching football with her dad!

Poor girl was so tired after her busy day! She slept pretty much all day Sunday and Monday to recover! 

Can't wait for more fun fall up: the pumpkin patch (with a few more football games sprinkled in)! 


  1. Love this post! Ella is definitely super cute, even if she had on all of that Carolina blue. Glad y'all enjoyed Clemson :)

  2. I love Sky Top Orchard! It was a family tradition growing up and I have very fun memories there - I'm sure Ella will love it too! :)

  3. Ella has an outfit or ten for EVERY occasion! Love it!