Monday, October 20, 2014

Life with Ella {week 37}

Hi friends! 
Can we just talk for a sec about the beautiful fall weather we have been having lately?!? I am loving it!!! 

Here's what we've been up to!

Monday, we started dog sitting for my friend Kathryn. Ella was NOT a fan!

She also developed a little bit of sass while playing...

...but thankfully, was kind enough to help me unload the dishwasher!

Tuesday was our 3rd swim lesson and Ella is definitely starting to get used to the water! She loves to kick her feet!

After, we did a little shopping with Chelsea...

...and again, helped me with the dishwasher! Haha, she loves to pull up on it! If only she really knew how to load/unload!

{dress / bow from Gap}

Wednesday we went to Whole Foods....

{dress / bow}

...and Ella took a really long nap, so I made some progress on her Halloween costume!

Thursday was swim lesson time again!

(and yes, I do take her picture every day before we start our lesson...and YES I plan on her wearing a different swimsuit each day!)

Then we hit up Harris Teeter to get some stuff for dinner!

{similar outfit / socks (these are my favorites because they are the only ones that don't fall off!) / bow made by me :)}

This is such a riveting week, huh?! ;)

Friday, we did a little swinging...

{romper / bow from Gap}

...put a cover on her crib rail so she can't eat the wood...

...and then Daddy came home from work early so we could FINALLY go to the pumpkin patch!
I'll be doing a separate post on that, because, well, you know me. But here's a little family selfie we took on Ella's first hayride to hold you over till then. 

{bubble / bow}

After the pumpkin patch, we stopped to eat at Sticky Fingers...Ella was into EVERYTHING.

At one point, she even grabbed the napkin and started eating it! 
This child!

Saturday I ran 11 miles (ugh!) while Ella hung out with her dad and took a 3 hour nap!!

{outfit / bow}

She also helped him ice his ankle (he has tendonitis)!

I also should note that Monday through Friday nights this past week, Ella had been waking up at 1, 2 or 3 AM and not going back to bed for 1-2 hours. It was kind of awful. Finally, she slept through the night again Saturday night. So we were all very happy Sunday morning! She also did not wake up in the middle of the night last night, so I'm hoping this continues!!

After a quick nap Sunday, Ella helped me unpack some groceries....

...and we also took a walk!

Last night, I got to go over and meet Kathryn's newest family member, Kelly!!!

How precious is she?!?!? 

Ella and I get to puppy-sit her this week! :) 

Sorry for the most boring week ever, but since Ella was not sleeping very much at night, we tried to keep things relatively low key around here!!! Let's hope she continues sleeping through the night this week!!!


  1. Her tummy in that green bikini! I die!

  2. Oh, I love her candy corn onesie! I just love seeing what little outfits Ella is wearing each week - too cute! :) I totally want to do swim lessons with Avery soon; that's such a great idea!