Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday {Keeping up with Ella}

Happy Friday!

I'm so glad 5 on Friday is back! 
I always love reading other people's 5 on Friday posts, especially when they have little "themes," so my theme today is to share the 5 ways that I keep track of my child!

1. iPhone photo stream

I post a picture or video pretty much everyday (or else I get a very nasty call or text from one of the grandparents wondering where their daily Ella pic is) on this to share between family and close friends. 

After I post the picture on the photo stream, I copy and paste it onto the Tweekaboo app, where it also shares the picture with more family and friends who may/may not also be on the photo stream. I also upload any Facebook and Instagram pictures (whenever I post there) onto Tweekaboo, and at the end of each month, I order a book full of that month's photos! The best part is that they also print people's comments too! :)

Those 2 are the things I do daily, most of the time while I'm nursing takes like 3 seconds and provides a great snapshot of our day-to-day activities!

3. This blog!
Obviously, you already know that I do a weekly re-cap each Monday. It's probably the most boring thing in the world for you all to read, but for me, I love looking back at weeks past to see what we did and where we went!

Now onto the things I only do once a month (or every other month)!

4. Project Life album

I actually got this album (plus the pocket pagesthese cards and these cards...oh! and the pens!) at one of my baby showers and I love it! I thought it was such a unique gift, and it makes scrapbooking SO easy. Each month, I order prints of the important events from that month (holidays, monthly photo shoots, special trips, etc.) and then all I have to do is pick out which cards I want to go in the pockets and write a little blurb about the event! SO easy!


{Going home from the hospital and newborn pictures}

I update the calendar about once a month, using this blog and my photo stream pictures to keep track of what to write on it! It came with a few stickers, which is fun too!

I also update the baby book about once a month, again using this blog and my photo stream pictures!

So there you have it! Ella's life is very well documented!!!

But before you think I am a big loser and have no life other than keeping track of what color Ella's poop was on September 6 (ok, not quite that bad), just remember that the majority of this stuff I only do once a month!! Surely I will be able to do this if we have another baby, right?! Am I crazy?! (Maybe don't answer that! ;))


  1. Great job of keeping track of everything, Mama! I just ordered a ton of pictures for my 2nd child's baby book, which I've been keeping up with in the 2 weeks since he's been born -so it's doable for sure! ~Visiting from the linkup!

  2. Stopping by from the link-up! Just wanted to say that the name of your blog "Keep Calm and have a Cupcake" caught my eye, made me laugh, and hit the nail on the day that I have had! Cheers!

  3. Love these! Our first child is 5 months old so we're always interested in different ways to track life's moments! Obviously the blog is a big one, but for the more personal details, I try to keep up the baby book. Never heard of Tweekaboo, we use Tinybeans with our families to share baby pics! I'll have to check it out!

  4. Girl I am impressed! Wanna come do my wedding album?!