Monday, October 13, 2014

Life with Ella {week 36}

Well, it looks like someone is happy it's Monday!

 Ella's new trick is clapping her hands, which she is proudly doing in this week's picture. Her hands were moving so fast, they are a blur! Haha!

Last Monday, we went to the YMCA with Ella's new backpack! 

{romper from Europe-sorry! / bow}

Because every 8 month old needs a monogrammed backpack, right?!
{Honestly, I just got sick of "sharing" my diaper bag with her at the Y, so I got this one at Shower Me with Love for only $20!!}

And what would a Monday be without Ella falling out of her chair while I tutor?!

We really need to find another solution....!

Tuesday was Ella's first day of swimming lessons!!!!!

{swimsuit from Gap}

She was a little unsure about it at first, and the water was a little cold, but all in all, not a total bust. She did a great job kicking her feet and reaching for the toys!

Tuesday afternoon, I had to work at the Y again, but this time I got to be in Ella's room, and we read some books!

{dress / bow}

On Wednesday, we took a walk up to Harris Teeter to get some stuff for dinner...

{dress / bow}

...and I also realized Ella can finally eat Puffs by herself! Very exciting!!!


Thursday was our second swim lesson, and it didn't go quite as well as the first. Ella enjoyed learning how to get out of the pool, but she was not into the whole swimming part at all. She did enjoy checking out the lifeguard. Oi vey

{swimsuit from Gap}

Also on Thursday, we finally got around to watching Monday's Dancing with the Stars, and the infamous Carlton dance! It was kind of amazing, and Ella wanted to learn how to do it. Carlton is her grandpa's middle name after all, so she should be a natural. 

{dress / bow from Target}

Friday we made our weekly (ok, fine, we may go more than once a week!) trip to Target.

{onesie made by my friend Chelsea! / jeansbow}

We had to get supplies to make some delicious pumpkin cookies!! I'll be sure to share the recipe soon!

I put Ella up on the counter to take her picture (don't worry, I am holding her and I turned the knives away from her!), and she almost immediately grabbed one of the cookies and tried to eat it! What a little stinker! 

That wasn't the end of mischievous Ella. She also somehow managed to climb under the couch....

...and once again, totally flipped herself around in that chair while I was tutoring!

I promise, we watch her! All the time!! She is just all over the place! 

Saturday, Kathryn came over to watch the UNC vs Notre Dame game. Even though she is a Notre Dame fan, we let her stay because she brought food :)

{bubble / bow from Gap}

Ella was a great cheerleader, clapping for the players (and tearing the bumper off the fireplace mantle).

We also busted out the Halloween jammies...not too soon, right?!

Yesterday, we had planned on going to the pumpkin patch, but it was so rainy all day that we decided to go later this week. Instead we had a lazy Sunday watching football. 

{shirt / leggings / bow from Target}

Ella can now wave (top left), clap (right) and do "touchdown" (bottom left). Whenever we say "touchdown!" she raises her arms like the refs do when a touchdown is scored. It is the funniest thing! 

She is also officially crawling (tummy off the floor). I have milestone stickers for waving and crawling, but so far she has been uncooperative for pictures! I'll keep trying and hopefully have them soon to make her milestones "official!"

Sunday night, we went to visit my friend Chelsea and her new baby Mackenzie!

Mackenzie is just the sweetest thing. She was a big baby (almost 10 pounds!!!), but she still felt super tiny to me!

(yes, that is my child eating my pants)

It's hard to believe Ella used to be that small!!!

It seems that the Nap Strike is back in action (which is why I'm a little late in posting this...someone only took a 20 minute nap today), so please send happy and sleepy thoughts our way! 

Have a great week! :)

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  1. Ella is adorable!!! I love the UNC bubble! I've been looking for something cute for a girl and ended up just getting a long sleeve onesie when we visited last weekend. The bouncer pictures are hilarious!