Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Eight Month Favorites

Here are some things we love for month 8!

1. Bumkins SuperBibs: I was given A LOT of bibs before Ella was even born, but now that she's eating solids and I've gotten to try them all out, I have to say these are my favorite. They are waterproof, so I just rinse them off in the sink after and they dry pretty quickly. I love the pouch that catches food, and I feel like they cover more of Ella than some of the smaller bibs we have. 
2. Beaba Babycook: I got this from one of those Facebook garage sale groups, and while I don't think I could justify shelling out $120 for it, I'm pretty happy with the $40 I did spend on it! Yes, I could just use my food processor. But this thing makes making baby food SOOOO much easier. It steams and purees the food for me, so I don't have to always google "how to steam and puree a sweet potato" (because, yes, I am an idiot and would google that). Plus, everything goes in the dishwasher and it's super easy to clean!
3. Beaba freezer trays: These were necessary when I started making baby food in mass quantities. The food pops out of them relatively easy, and they also can go in the dishwasher and microwave! 
4. Zarbee's baby cough syrup: This doesn't really fit in with the baby food theme I have going on here, but it goes in Ella's mouth, so just go with it. When Ella was super sick last month and couldn't stop coughing, I got really desperate. You are not supposed to give babies cough syrup...but I found this stuff at Target and decided to try it. It's basically just agave nectar, so it coats the baby's throat, but it's all natural. It definitely helped to lessen Ella's cough, so I am a fan and have already recommended it to a few mom friends! 

1. Ella's Kitchen and Plum pouches: When I am not making my own baby food (like if we are traveling or I am feeling exceptionally lazy that day), I give Ella these pouches. These 2 kinds are the only ones I've found that do not have any crazy ingredients in them (or any with the word "acid" in it....don't know why, but that freaks me out). They are just simply the fruit or vegetable(s), and little water or lemon juice. And Ella really likes them!
2. Baby Mum Mums: I know I've mentioned these a few times, but Ella LOVES these things! Don't get me wrong, we love Puffs too (ok, maybe me more than Ella), but those are still a little difficult for her to grab and hold on to. The mum mums are so easy for her to eat, plus they are packaged nicely so I can pack them for her snack when she goes to the YMCA!

1. Fisher Price Musical Activity Walker: I got this things for $9 at a consignment sale and it's one of my favorite consignment sale buys! A few of Ella's boyfriends have this too, and they all love it equally as much. Ella isn't ready to walk with it yet, but she loves to sit in front of it and push all the different buttons, and eat the little book that's on the front. 
2. Swing! book: Ella loves this book because the pictures move when you turn the's SO cool! (She also likes to eat the pages, but that's nothing new.) There are a few more books like this one (Gallop, Waddle and Star Wars and Wizard of Oz versions, too!) that I plan on getting for her as well! 
3. Baby smart phone: Trav's parents got this phone for her and SHE. IS. OBSESSED. Almost as obsessed as she is with our real iPhones ;)
3. Zany Zoo activity cube: My friend Amanda was sweet enough to let us borrow this! Ella loves to pull up on it, but she also enjoys playing with the different sides and the beads and animals on the top! Her favorite side is with the zigzag race paths. I think she could sit in front of the Zany Zoo and be entertained all day if I let her!

Whew! Thanks for reading my novel of favorite things for this month! :)


  1. I had no idea about that cough syrup - I will have to try it!

  2. I have a Beaba Cook and love it! I don't use it quite as much now as I did a few months ago, but it is so handy and perfect for making your own baby food. And yes, on those pouches! We Love them for when I'm lazy or for trips. I don't know what people did before pouches were around ;) I feel like I've seen that couch syrup for babies at Target before, but I've never thought to actually look at it or get it. But... I just might have to get some now. I feel like the little guy has had a tiny cough for a while now, and he just needs something to help soothe his throat. I'm so glad you shared this! :)