Sunday, September 23, 2012

Please Get Here Already, Fall Weather!

Ok, I am back!! I can't believe I haven't blogged in like 2 weeks. I suck. And I am sorry. I blame the new iPad, training for this stupid marathon, and just being busy with school in general!

But, no fear, I am going to catch you up on everything I've been up to lately...which hasn't been a whole lot (another reason why I've probs not been blogging)! 

Well....I finally caved and bought the Tory Burch boots I've been wanting since....oh, forever

Yes, I know they are SO EXPENSIVE (*hello! I am a teacher!), but I really, really needed a new pair of boots, and they were having a Labor Day sale, so the boots were 25% off! They are my back to school/marathon training present to myself. :)
Aren't they gorg?! Now if it would just cool off a little more, I could wear them Please and thank you.

Moving on...Trav and I got to keep this little guy at our house last weekend while his parents were at a wedding:

Ahhhh he is so presh!!! And he LOVED Travis!
It kinda made me want a baby ...(well, and it doesn't help that literally everyone I know is, I have 3 cousins due within a month of each other!) BUT, NO WORRIES, I realize we just got married a hot second ago, and so, Baby Ferg will have to wait another year...or two.

OH! I also met Teresa Guidice today!! She was visiting Charlotte at the Southern Women's Show and I found out because I follow her on twitter!! So I quick texted Kathryn and off we went to meet Teresa!

{not sure what my eye is doing in this pic..}

So, she may not be my most favorite Housewife ever, but she was really nice, and ok FINE, I bought her cookbook as well! I needed something for her to sign and it actually has a lot of yummy-looking recipes in it! 

Speaking of cooking....look what I got with some leftover wedding gift cards.... 

It is SOOOO wonderful!! I am obsessed already!
I made this soup in the new Le Creuset and it. was. awesome. (Both the soup and the pot!)

I also decided to be extra fall-y and make some Pumpkin Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes. However, once I started making them, I realized I didn't have enough cupcake liners....I thought I could just spray the cupcake tins really well with PAM, but...well, FAIL:

Some of them turned out ok though..

Note to self: always use cupcake liners!!!

How's Travis, you may ask? 

Ohhh, he is doing just fine. :)

I'll be back Wednesday for *Wedding Wednesday* (YAY!) to share this gorg nautical wedding I helped out with this past weekend!!! 

Have a wonderful week!!!

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