Sunday, December 23, 2018

Our 2018 Christmas Card!

Merry Christmas Eve EVE!
I wanted to pop in real quick and share our Christmas card with you all!

Just like last year, I ordered these using a Groupon from Photo Affections. I am always so amazed at the quality...I hold them up and compare to my friends' card from Minted and I honestly cannot tell a difference! 

My kids had a Christmas pajama photo shoot with Weslie Woodley, so don't mind me as I share a few more! I wanted to put all 50+ images on our card...I seriously love them all!

I also did my annual Christmas interview with Ella...and Lucas, too this year!
Ella's responses are in pink and Lucas's are in blue, but you can probably figure out who said what even without the color coding!

What is on your Christmas list?
Performing Arts Center
A truck!

What is the best part about Christmas?
Ice skating!
I want a truck.

Where does Santa live?
At the North Pole!
Look, an elf on shelf!

What are the names of Santa's reindeer?
I don't know, I can't remember them
I don't know

What do you think Santa's favorite food is?
Cookies, chocolate (and then some incoherent babbling...)

What will Santa bring Mommy and Daddy for Christmas?
Teaching stuff for Mommy and clothes for Daddy
(just laughs)

I also wanted to share a few traditions, more for my own sake! Ella is super good at remembering things year to year, and I am I'm writing a few reminders here for me next year!

Elf on the Shelf:
-arrives December 1 in the morning
-brings the 24 Christmas books with him (wrapped and under the family room tree)
-leaves at naptime on Christmas Eve
-leaves a goodbye letter with their Christmas Eve present (pajamas and a book)
-Christmas Eve present is wrapped in same wrapping paper as the 24 books were wrapped in!

-Each kid gets a "want/need/wear/read" gift from Mommy and Daddy
-Santa also brings them an extra gift
-Santa does their stocking presents/chocolate as well
-Santa does not wrap presents!
-Each kid's want/need/wear/read gifts get wrapped in their own special wrapping paper

I'll be back in a few days for a 4 month update on Bennett (who will be 4 months old TOMORROW--HOW?!)!

Hope you have the very merriest Christmas!!!

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