Saturday, December 8, 2018

Life with Bennett {week 15}

I just for the life of me cannot get these posted on the right day (Friday). Maybe next week!
We have a BIG snowstorm headed our way and of course everyone is freaking out. We shall see how bad it really gets! Maybe Bennett will see his first snow soon?!

Anyway....Here's what we've been up to!


We finally got Bennett's stocking monogrammed!!

We also stopped by the library that's near the mall. We haven't been there in a while (not really sure why, we always just go to South County, even though we are equal distance from quite a few libraries in the area!), so that was a special treat for the kids! 

Friday night, we met up with our friends for the Weddington Christmas Tree Lighting!

Lucas was most excited about the fire truck there!

And here's a little behind-the-scenes...Chelsea and her husband had to shine their phone flashlights on the kids so we could get a decent picture! LOL!

Santa was also there!

Bennett and Benjamin...2.5 months apart!

That night, our elf on the shelf, Marshall returned!!

He brought 24 Christmas books with him! We will unwrap and read one each night until Christmas. One of my favorite holiday traditions :)
(And, I use the same 24 books pretty much every year. I might buy 1 or 2 new ones, but I definitely do not go out and get 24 new Christmas books each year!)

Ella and Lucas were so excited to find Marshall the next morning!

I've already forgotten to move him 3 times, and he's only been here for a week. So that's going well. 

Saturday was Lucas's last soccer practice!

He actually kicked the ball multiple times (I think he only picked it up once?!), so I'd say that's a major improvement! We loved Soccer Shots and Coach Skylar!

Then we decided to take the kids to see "the real" Santa at Black Lion. I swear, he is the real one!
Ella had written a letter to Santa, and was able to mail it while we were in line!

Of course Lucas got antsy in the line, so we roamed around the store and happened to see Santa and his crew processing in!

Bennett slept the entire time in line. 

So, I had to get him out of his car seat to see Santa, and in doing so, woke him up. So he was NOT happy about meeting Santa at all

Bless. Maybe next year?! (He will probably be even worse, ha!)

Saturday night was our dating anniversary (yes, we still celebrate that) which gave us a good excuse for a date night! We went to Alexander Michaels, like we do every year, because that's where we had our first date!


We actually made it to church! Well, it wasn't our church, but the church where Ella's preschool is located! She was singing during the service, so we all went to watch her!

She did a great job singing!

Also on Sunday, this guy turned 100 days old! HOW?!?!?


I started back with my job at the YMCA child watch. Luckily, I am scheduled to work in the baby room, so Bennett can stay with me! He had mixed feelings about the Y, but I think overall he didn't mind it too much. 

When we got home from the Y, I finally got to run on our new treadmill!!! 

It got delivered on Saturday but we had so much going on that I didn't get around to running on it till Monday. But oh my goodness, it is worth every penny! It is so smooth, I no longer feel like I am running up a hill and I can run so much faster on it! Love, love love. 

I also finally tried out the Target drive up service on Monday.

There is nothing I hate more than getting 3 kids out of the car for just a few things. This was totally amazing. I put my order in at noon, and by 12:45, I had an email saying my order was ready! I pulled up to the special spot at my Target store, checked in using the app, and they were at my car with my stuff within a minute. I was super impressed!! Definitely using this again soon!


We went to Joann's to get a few crafty things and Lucas decided we needed ALL of the baseball stickers.

Just, you know, casually throwing them all in the stroller. Don't worry, I put them back! #wedontneedbaseballstickers

Oh and because I just can't help myself, we also went in Target. Yes, I just did the drive up the day before. But I really wanted to see what was in the Dollar Spot, and you can't do that when you use the drive up service! I clearly have a problem!

You also can't try on sunglasses when you do the drive up either!


We went to our church story time!

Lucas loved playing this huge drum and its now on his Amazon wish list ;)

After that, we met our friends at the library and Lucas got to help decorate their Christmas tree!

Surprisingly, he broke zero ornaments.

Wednesday afternoon, we made some cookies for Ella's teachers! She helped by licking the bowl!


We had a total GSD (get sh*t done) day around the house! First order of business was putting Bennett's footprint on a pumpkin. I have pumpkins with Ella and Lucas's footprints from their first falls, so Bennett obvi needed one too. Just don't tell him it took me until December 6 to do it!

We also finally got out the Sit Me Up Chair for Bennett!! This was my favorite with Lucas, and so far Bennett is not sure about, ha!

And that's our week! 
If you are in the path of this winter storm, stay safe and dry this weekend!! 

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