Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Want, Need, Wear, Read (+ a Santa Gift!)

Last year, I started the WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ idea when buying each of my kids' Christmas presents and I really liked how it kept the spending under control! I chose to do it again this year...only I also added a "from Santa" gift because Ella is old enough to understand that Santa brings toys too!

Ella is 110% OBSESSED with Peppa Pig this year, as you can probably tell by the amount of Peppa Pig in this little collage! She really wanted this campervan, as well as an organizer to store all of her Peppa characters (they keep getting lost under the couch!). 
Need: Play Makeup
So, I really need to change the "need" to another "want." Ha! Ella keeps getting into my makeup and putting it on, so I NEED her to have some play makeup of her own! Hopefully this keeps her out of my stuff! 
Wear: Hat | Mittens | Scarf 
Ella specifically asked for a scarf to wear outside when it's cold, and I figured I might as well throw in a hat and mittens too. I bought all 3 things in the cream color, Old Navy just doesn't have the cream mittens on their website anymore!
Another Peppa thing. We've read pretty much every Peppa Pig book in existence, except this one because the library doesn't have it. 
This is what Ella wants more than anything this year. She's consistently asked Santa for it, and has also told us this is her #1 thing on her wish list. 

Lucas is obsessed with Paw Patrol, fire trucks, and driving large toy trucks around our house. So this is perfect because it combines all 3 of his loves!
Lucas also loves "racing cars," and I found a simple Hot Wheels race track on a local Facebook group for cheap! He also loves car transporters (yes, seriously...he freaks out whenever he sees one on the highway!) and when I saw that this could hold all of his 1,000 little matchbox cars, well SCORE for me. 
Lucas has about 86 pairs of khakis, but hardly any knit pants! 
Read: Supertruck
We have checked this book out from the library approximately 392 times. It’s time for Lucas to have his own copy! 
We were recently at a friend’s house and Lucas played with this the ENTIRE time we were there. Don’t worry, I didn’t pay that astronomical Amazon price; my friend found it for me on a local Facebook group (thanks, Chels Bells!)! 
I’m not sure exactly what Bennett “wants” but when I found this cute race track on a lightning deal on Amazon, I thought it would be cute for him in a few months! And Lucas can play with it in the meantime ;)
Need: Cozy Coupe
The older two kids both got Cozy Coupes for their first Christmases so of course Bennett NEEDS one too! 
Guess what else Ella and Lucas both got on their first Christmas?! Yep, some Freshly Picked moccs! 
These came highly recommended, and if Bennett is anything like his brother, we will definitely need “indestructible” books in the future! 
I saw a friend’s baby playing with this, and thought it would be a cute thing for Bennett both now and when he learns to stand. I found it on a local Facebook group because it apparently isn't sold in stores anymore?!

And there you have it...15 presents that will hopefully be big hits with all 3 kids!! 

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