Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 49}

Ahhh you guys! I totally forgot to post this and just realized today! Whoops!!!

Two Fridays ago, we went to our favorite jumpy place with our friends!!

When we came home, guess who was inspired and started crawling with his belly off the floor?!

We had to make it official with his sticker on!

It is really hard to get a good "crawling" picture while also trying to get the sticker in the picture! 

Bennett also started saying "Dada" on command and when talking to Daddy, so we took a pic with that sticker, too! Hitting all the milestones on this day!


I had a random burst of motivation and decided to organize/clean out our pantry. Exciting times over here! 
Here's a before...

...and after!

Our friends and neighbors were having an ice cream and lemonade stand, so we walked over there to support!


My favorite Sunday morning activity is checking out the weekly Target ad! Ha! I noticed that kids' shoes were Buy One, Get One 50% Off, so Ella and I headed up there to get her some shoes for Kindergarten! Now, I am pretty snobby about kids' clothes, but shoes? My kids are HORRIBLE on shoes. I have bought the expensive brands from Nordstrom and you know what? The Target brands hold up just as good if not better than the more expensive brands, so for school shoes, we always go get them at Target....because they will be destroyed quickly anyway!!

We ended up with these, these, these and these boots! So she should be all set now!! 

Because I hadn't spent enough money on Ella's wardrobe that day, we also went over to my Shrimp and Grits Kids girl's house to look at the latest trunk! We didn't buy anything there, but I have since bought Ella a cute apple dress, with a matching dress for her American Girl doll! 
*shamless plug: use code 70024 at checkout if you order! Or message me to order and I can get you free shipping ;)


Ella started VBS at our church!

Our church's VBS was allllll week from 9 AM until 4:30 PM!!! Yes, like longer than a school day!! Ella did really well, but man was she exhausted every day when she came home!

While big sis was at VBS, the boys and I headed to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff for Bennett's birthday party!

Lucas was most excited to see the Christmas trees there. It was July 29, Hobby Lobby. Calm down. 

We found a few things, whoops! Ha!


Look who decided to start climbing up the stairs! Ahhhhh.


This was the day that everyone was encouraged to do an act of kindness for my friend April and her sweet daughter, Charlotte! 

We decided to start by spreading a little joy at Home Goods, and offering to let that pregnant lady go in front of us in line!

Next we went to Joann's where we straightened up some shelves!

We also left some happy notes in the library books we were returning...

...and left some snacks for our mail carrier!

The reason we were at Home Goods? To get some decor for my new hallway table! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! 

Table is from Amazon, but everything on it is from Hobby Lobby or Home Goods!


I didn't have my act together enough to do this the day before, but on Thursday we got out the door early enough to stop at the bakery to buy treats for Ella's VBS teachers! So one more act of kindness, just this one was a day late!

Someone figured out how to get into and mess up my newly organized pantry...

Time to put the locks back on!

Oh! And Ella made this awesome birdhouse at VBS! 

I'll try not to be so tardy with my next post!! It's so hard to remember everything when I don't post on time!!! :) 

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