Friday, August 23, 2019

Life with Bennett {52 weeks}

I can't believe I am posting this on time! Can you?!
Anyway, we made it to 52 weeks!! A whole year of Bennett. I can't believe this little bean will wake up as a 1 year old tomorrow!! HOLD ME!


We spent the majority of the day getting ready for Bennett's party the next day! He was very excited about it!


Bennett's first birthday party!! I will do a separate post to recap, but here is a sneak peek:


We were in major recovery mode. Everyone was super tired from the day before...some of us even tried to take a nap in the bathtub! LOL!


We went to the library for a special fire truck story time!

They had the fire truck outside, but you know these 6 little people can't all look at the camera at the same time...

Ella and Lucas were super excited to meet Blaze; Bennett not so much. Bless. 

Monday afternoon, we FINALLY got Ella's kindergarten teacher assignment in the mail! She is so pumped to be in class with two of her besties from preschool!


Another swim lesson for Bennett...

...and another Chinese lesson for Ella!


Ella and Lucas had been begging me to take them back to Jumpin Jax before school started, so today was the day to go back! 

Bennett was not a fan at first, but he had a blast by the end!

Lucas, once again, thought he was Blippi the entire time.

And Ella tried to drag Bennett on as many rides down the slide as I would let her.

Bennett ultimately got pushed around with his friend Benjamin, and was thinking..."Mom, why didn't you do this with me the whole time?!"

We stopped by my parents' new house on our way home and gave them a minor heart attack when we sent them this picture of their yellow house. It's supposed to be gray and they were freaking out...until we realized that this was just the primer!


After Bennett's swim lesson, we went to the outdoor pool for lunch and more swimming!

Lucas wanted to wear his googles (for the first time all summer!) and I couldn't stop laughing!

We ended our week with Open House for my kindergartener!

I love her teacher! And she even has a student teacher, which is always a good sign! (the principal would never stick a student teacher with a bad teacher, right?!)

I can't believe she starts school on Monday! And Bennett turns one in like an hour!
It's going to be an emotional weekend around here!!! Just pray for me, please! And send kleenex and wine!