Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Life with Bennett {48 weeks}

Another week, another very tardy update! Love me through it, guys!!!


One of my most favorite things ever happened....SCHOOL SUPPLIES SHOPPING!

I was so so so excited to take Ella to Target to get supplies for kindergarten! And yes, we certainly did go on July 19 when she doesn't start school until August 26! I wanted to get there before everything got picked over! 

We even found Peppa Pig bandaids (yes bandaids were on her supply list)!


It was WAY past time for Lucas to get a haircut. Check out that mop on his head.

Our favorite haircut place closed, so we went somewhere new. Lucas wasn't sure about it but he loved the animal crackers they gave him! Plus he got a toy car as a "prize" at the he was asking to go back to get his hair cut again that afternoon!

Ahhh, so much better!!


Bennett took a crazy long nap, so Trav stayed home with him while I took the big kids to the pool!

Lucas was all talk about going off the diving board. Till he got up there and was like, "Ummmm nope." He quickly turned around and got down immediately. 

When Bennett finally woke up from his nap, I took him to a nearby football field to take pictures for his birthday party invitations!!! I had a hard time picking just one picture!

{His party theme is football, if you hadn't guessed!}


My kids had been begging me to take them to this new place called Jumpin Jax, so we finally went! As soon as we walked in, Blippi was playing on the TV and Lucas immediately never wanted to leave!

Although Bennett got off to a rough start...

...he eventually had a lot of fun! 

And of course Ella and Lucas were both obsessed with everything there! They had a total blast!

I hardly have any pictures of Lucas because he was so busy running around having fun!

On the way home, we stopped by my parents' house to see how the construction was coming along!

That night, Bennett wore his last size 2 diaper!!!


We made a quick trip to the library!

And Ella had another Chinese lesson!!


After my dentist appointment, we met our friends at the park!


Another pool day!

I am quickly becoming obsessed with taking these 3 to our neighborhood pool around noon...swim for a little bit, eat a picnic lunch at the pool, rinse off...I mean, swim some more and then home for naps! And everyone takes such good naps afterwards, too!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!!!