Monday, July 22, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 47}

I just cannot get my act together to get these posted on Fridays anymore!! I used to write them after I got done tutoring at like 11 PM, but these days I have just been so tired...and then I don't get to it all weekend because we are busy doing other stuff! So here we are! Bear with me for another 5 (!!! That's it?!?!) weeks!


We met up with our friends at our favorite jumpy place!


Ella had a birthday party at "Bounce on You" (aka, Bounce U).

My friend Angela also stopped by with her crew on their way back to Ohio from Hilton Head!

(Bennett was napping when we took this pic!)


I actually got to go to the mall by MYSELF (!!!), but while I was there, Trav was convinced Bennett was about to flip out of his crib at any second. So, we finally lowered his crib! Finally!


The most glorious day of the month...our cleaning ladies were here! Unfortunately, I had to spend the morning at a CPR class for my job at the Y...blahhhh. But I rewarded all of us (and really, it was an excuse to keep my kitchen cleaner a little longer!) with Chick Fil A for lunch!

See that mess?! Better on the mall food court floor than in my house after the cleaning ladies had just left!


Pool day!

That afternoon, we went to Target...and did you know?! The Target brand pull-ups have dinosaurs and excavators on them! Plus they are cheaper!! Score!


At this point, we still haven't eaten lunch at home all week, lol! We played with our friends and had lunch over there this day!

6 kids at that table! Whoa!!!

Lucas needs a piano stat, haha!

After our playtime and lunch, we all went to get $1 cinnamon rolls! There was nowhere to sit inside the place, so we sat out in the 100* heat. Woof. At least those cinnamon rolls were super yummy!


We went to a special story time with a magician!

He also brought meteorites (his whole performance had a space theme) for the kids to see up close at the end!

Thursday night, I had a hot date!

Travis was nominated for CFO of the year by the Charlotte Business Journal! So we went to the awards dinner for that. He didn't win (in my opinion, he got majorly robbed and totally should have won, but what do I know), but I am just so proud of him for even being a finalist! He works so insanely hard, so it's nice to see him being recognized! 

And that's a wrap on this week! Catch you on Wednesday for Bennett's 11 month (what?! how?!) update!

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