Monday, July 15, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 46}

Well, I'm late again in posting this week! Hope you haven't been holding your breath waiting for me!

Where we last left off, we had just arrived to the mountains for our Fourth of July getaway! 


The day after the 4th of July, we headed to Grandfather Mountain to do some exploring! 

They had elk, bears, otters, eagles and cougars there that we could see! 

Then we drove to the top of the was so beautiful!

Ella and Lucas even walked with Travis across the swinging bridge! Bennett and I were too scared, so we happily watched from the sidelines!

Ella and Travis wanted to take the trail back down the mountain, and Lucas decided to join them. Bennett and I drove the .4 miles to the parking lot to pick them up!

We beat them down the mountain, so we took a bunch of pictures while we waited!

Lucas apparently cried and whined the whole time, but Ella did great. I guess Lucas loves the outdoors as much as I do, ha!

That night before dinner, we played at the Blowing Rock playground!

All 3 kids have swung in that same swing!


My birthday! We spending the day at Tweetsie Railroad. Haha. Not exactly my #1 choice of what I wanted to do, but hey, at least the people watching there was very much entertaining!

Lucas LOVED riding on the train...he was in heaven!

Then we went to the petting zoo there. The kids all loved the animals!

Then it was time for ALL of the rides. Major shoutout to Travis for going on most of the rides with Ella and Lucas!! 

Bennett's first carousel ride!

This was Ella and Lucas's FAVORITE ride everrrrr. The spinny tilt-a-whirl or whatever its called. They loved it and went on it like 4 times. 

They also all loved the mouse train ride!

Boats, planes, helicopters, trains....they rode them all!

Oh, and chairlifts, too!

One thing Lucas didn't want to ride?! The Ferris Wheel. I don't blame him.

Ella and Travis went on it though!

We ended our day with one last car ride...

...and of course one last ride on the train, too!

The cowboys on the train gave the kids their bullet shells. Ella said to me: " do I play them?!" LOL.

It was a very fun birthday with my 4 favorite people!


We came home from the mountains and Ella made me a belated birthday card (even though they all gave me a card and gift in the mountains)!


I know that the sunflowers are always at their peak around my birthday, so today needed to be the day we went to go see them!

Bennett LOVED the sunflowers. Bless.

Hey, Lucas, smell the sunflower:


Lucas had an eye doctor appointment. He was most excited about the toys in the waiting room.

He sat in the chair really well, haha.

But good news! He doesn't have astigmatism anymore! He has a little bit of farsightedness, but the doctor said it would need to be double what it is now to impair his vision! So we just need to bring him back before he starts kindergarten to see if it has gotten worse or not. 

Then, we went to Chick Fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day!

Bennett had his first kids meal and ate it faster than either of his siblings!


It's Shrimp and Grits Kids time again! We went to Ms. Tammy's to try on some clothes from the latest fall collection! (Which launches July 17! Let me know if you'd like to order something and I can get you free shipping!)

Bennett clearly loves to model. Poor buddy. Maybe I shouldn't have done this during his morning nap time?!

After a quick stop at the library...

...we got a much needed car wash!

If it were up to Lucas, we would get our car washed every day. 

Then, Ella had a Chinese lesson!

So as many of you know, I teach English to kids in China every morning with VIPKID. Well, they have a sister company, Lingo Bus, that teaches kids in America Chinese! I had a free demo lesson, and Ella was dying to learn Chinese (seriously!) so here we are.

She loved it, so I ended up buying 10 Chinese classes for her. Ni Hao! (that means "Hello" and is literally the only thing I know if Chinese, haha)


7/11 which means...Free Slurpee Day!

Can you believe last year on 7/11, Bennett got his first IUT (blood transfusion)?! And look at him now :)

That afternoon, we were playing outside when it randomly starting pouring down rain (it was still sunny)!

My kids actually wanted to play in the rain...they got soaked! But they loved it!

Whew, what a week! Can't believe I only have 6 more of these weekly updates before Bennett turns ONE! 

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