Thursday, July 11, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 45}

Wow, I am so behind on here! I blame the 4th of July and being out of town (again)! So here is my recap for June 28 through the 4th of July! 

Friday 6/28

We had a slow morning at home. My main objective was to organize the kids' closets and take out clothes that don't fit them anymore!

We also went out to dinner! Lucas gobbled up that cheeseburger...

...and Bennett made the BIGGEST mess on the restaurant floor! Whoopsie. Sorry Red Rocks.

Saturday 6/29

We had a birthday party at our neighborhood pool!

Both big kids had fun swimming and eating cake with their friends! Bennett stayed home with Travis :)

Sunday 6/30

I tried to pull together as many red, white & blue outfits as I could find. We only had enough for 3 days! 

I caught Ella and Luca playing nicely together for a rare moment!

And we need to lower Bennett's crib ASAP! 

Trav grilled our dinner that night. Ella loves to have some salad dressing to dip her grilled chicken in, so we made the mistake of letting her pour it herself. Look at all of that blue cheese dressing! She did not come close to eating it all. 

Monday 7/1

I was up early to teach and was greeted by the most beautiful sunrise!

Then we went to the blueberry patch with our friends!!!

It was so freaking hot, but that didn't stop Lucas from picking all of the blueberries. He couldn't stop!!

Also: he does not like blueberries. Like, at all. So I have no idea why he was so fanatical about picking so many!

Look at those poor sweaty kids.

Bennett enjoyed the leaves/grass best of all, like usual.

Of course we rewarded ourselves with ice cream after working so hard in the hot sun!

Tuesday 7/2

We stopped by the library, where they had the funniest/cutest little photo prop!

We also picked up a new suitcase for Bennett that I found in my moms Facebook group! It's called a Trunki and kids can actually ride on them! So cute and fun!

We tried to decorate our bike and wagon for the neighborhood Fourth of July parade, but it was too hot! Plus, we needed more decorations.

Wednesday 7/3

I thought we might be able to find more supplies for decorating our bike and wagon at Target....well, I found nothing for that, but oh my goodness, the Dollar Spot had all of their back to school stuff and it was ON. POINT.

I was really tempted to buy everything, but tried to only buy what I "needed."
Later in Target, while Ella and I were distracted by how cute Bennett was...

...Lucas decided to do this in the toothpaste aisle. 

Yep, he knocked over the entire shelf of toothpaste, plus threw some on the floor. Ugh. Can't take him anywhere!

But I did take him (and the other 2 kids) to make one more stop, at the dollar store! They had more decorating supplies, thank goodness! We did not buy the hat though.

That night, we went to watch the fireworks by SouthPark Mall!

Bennett was totally mesmerized by them!!! He watched them like this the whole time:

Thursday 7/4

Fourth of July! We headed to our neighborhood parade that morning!

Lucas was beyond excited about the fire truck!

Ella was such a trooper! She rode her bike all the way to start of the parade (about half a mile from our house), plus on the parade route (maybe another quarter of a mile?) and then back home again! It was SO hot, but she did an awesome job!

Believe it or not, we had to force Lucas to see the fire truck up close! I don't know what his deal was, but he was scared to go inside of it!

After the parade, we packed up the car and headed for the mountains for a little (cooler) getaway! 

Travis found this amazing brewery in Boone and we ate there for dinner! The kids had a blast watching them cook food in the huge pizza oven while we waited for a our table! The food was really fresh and delicious too!

After dinner, we watched fireworks again! Because what else would you do on the Fourth of July, duh!

We made the mistake of getting the kids ice cream. I'm still working on getting those chocolate stains out of Lucas's white shirt!

Ella and Lucas got to sit up on top of my car, which they thought was the coolest and I thought was the scariest thing ever!

Bennett waved to the fireworks. I can't handle him.

And Lucas commented on just about every firework in the half hour show! It was hilarious! "Oh! A red one! Ah! Green! I like the green one! Whoa!"

I'll be back tomorrow (oh geez, Friday again already?!) to recap the rest of our mountain trip, as well as this past week back here in Charlotte! :) 

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