Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ella Grace {12 months}

Dear Ella,
I'm going to try and make this as un-sappy as possible because I am already overly dramatic about you being one as it is anyway. And I don't want to cry {anymore}. 
But, I seriously just blinked and you went from my teeny tiny baby to a little person in a hot second! I was hoping yesterday we could make the movie Groundhog's Day come to life...and just keep reliving February 2 over and over again. But that didn't happen and this morning, you woke up as a big one year old girl. {Ok, annnnd I'm crying. Again. I need to get it together...this isn't even sad!}

Enough of that...moving on to the important stuff!

Height: 29.25 inches (54 %ile)
Weight: 20 pounds, 2 ounces (56 %ile)
Head circumference: 17.5 inches (39 %ile)

Clothes: You are pretty much solidly fitting in your 12 month clothes, with a few exceptions. You also fit into most 9 month clothes pretty well, and a few 6 month things also (the white onesie you are wearing today is 6 month!). Your 0-3 month North Face is still fitting...miracle! You are still wearing size 3 diapers. Oh, and I've never mentioned shoe sizes on here, but for the record you wear size 2-3 shoes at the moment. 

Nicknames: Elle Belle, Peanut, Peanut Butter, Shim, Shim Shim, The Shim, Baby Shim, Shim of the Shims, Shim Shimah....ohhh time for me to go back to work ;)

Milestones: I feel like I've written this every month for the past few months, but this time I'm for real: you are thisclose to walking. Like super duper almost there. You have stood up by yourself for a split second when you didn't know I had let go (and then when you realized it, you came tumbling down). You can walk really well when you are pushing a walker, cruising around furniture or holding someone's hands. You have even started walking just holding onto one hand instead of two. We will keep practicing, and I know you will be walking so soon! Daddy also taught you how to climb up the stairs this month, so that's been a fun new trick of yours! Communication-wise, you are still babbling away. Your newest thing is if I ask you what a cow says, you will tell me, "Moo," which I think is pretty impressive! You also give lots of hugs, and love to hand your toys to Daddy in the bathtub if he asks for one. 

Sleep: Still a total rockstar! You take a morning nap (and I will continue morning naps until you start flat out refusing them!) from about 9:45 until 11ish, an afternoon nap from 1ish until 3:30 (or sometimes I have to wake you up around 4:15/4:30), and then you go down for the night at 7:15 or so. You sleep until 7 the next morning, but the last 2 mornings you have been getting up earlier. Now that I go back to work, I won't see you in the morning, which breaks my heart. But can you sleep in a little bit for Daddy? 

Best Moment: Taking your one year pictures was a lot of fun (until my car battery died)! I've also enjoyed soaking up every little minute with you during this last month of your first year! 

Worst Moment: Hands down the vomiting that occurred last week. AWFUL.

Likes: Your Cozy Coupe (and you just figured out how to climb in and out of it, so it is even more fun for you now!), bath time, crawling everywhere, climbing up the stairs, closing doors, when Daddy or I walk in the door from work, iPhones/iPads/remotes, sitting in the shopping cart, taking walks in your stroller, your "iPod" (aka Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes...this thing is worth wayyy more than $10!), giving hugs, talking/babbling/screeching (we call it your "dying bird" noise).

Dislikes: When Daddy or I leave (or anytime you can't see us but can hear us...that drive you nuts!), the Nose Frida, being held down (like this morning at the doctor when they had to measure you).

Health: You had a little cold earlier this month...and then the weird stomach bug vomiting thing last week. But other than that, you've been good! I am hoping as the weather warms up and flu season comes to an end, you will get healthier and healthier!

Eating: This month we started to wean and you have been doing really well drinking cow's milk! I am loving not nursing as much too!!! At first we mixed in cow's milk with my milk, but since you did so well with it, you drink straight cow's milk from a sippy cup now! Such a big girl! You are still nursing in the morning (we will cut that out soon!) and before you go to sleep at night, but other than that, you are just drinking cow's milk. You eat 3 meals a day and still love cheese, yogurt, bananas and puffs. 

Ok....I am NOT going to cry! 
Happy 1st Birthday to my little Elle Belle! You have brought so much joy to mine and Daddy's life and we can't imagine life without you!! Your eyes and smile brighten any room and we are so blessed to call you ours! We can't wait to see what each new day with you brings!! We love you so so so much!!!

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