Tuesday, February 17, 2015

11 and 12 Month Favorites

Happy Snow Day!!!

Since we have no school today (!!!!!) I have a little time to share some of Ella's favorite things lately!

Confession: I got this for $20 off Craigslist, and let me tell you, it has been some of the best $20 I have ever spent! Ella LOVES this thing. She hasn't figured out how to move herself in it, but she can climb in and out of the car and that entertains her pretty much all day long. 
When registering, I opted to get a more "simple" PnP (without the changing pad, newborn napper, etc.) and I'm really glad I did. We never used this much until recently. It was great during the holidays when we traveled to our families' homes. Now, at home, I throw a bunch of toys in there for Ella to play with while I run on the treadmill or shower. She's outgrown so many of her other baby "holders" (Rock n Play, bouncy seats, etc.) so this is great for corralling her at this age! 
Yes this is really on here. Proof that no matter how many baby toys you have, your kid always wants the most basic, "boring," kitchen gadgets. Ella pulls these out of the drawer daily. 
Due to Ella being sick way too much these past few months, we heavily relied on this and went through several bottles of it! I prefer it over Tylenol because I think it works quicker and more effectively. 
As we are phasing out bottles, these have been my favorite sippy cup of all that we've tried so far. They do not spill/leak, and Ella seems to drink the most milk out of these (not sure if it's the handles, or the nipple, or what, but she won't drink hardly anything out of the other zippy cups)! 
Ella got these for Christmas and loves playing with them in the bath tub! She also really likes giving them to Travis and I think it's helping her learn animal names (If we ask her "Where's the cow?" she can usually find it!)!
These blocks are awesome! They are super soft, and the square ones each do something different...rattle, crinkle, etc. I found these while looking for the blocks they have at our library story time...well, those are $60+, so for much less, these totally work for us!! 
I love how big these are so I don't have to worry about choking! Ella loves to push the wagon all over the place, and even though she doesn't know how to "build" stuff yet, she still likes to watch anyone make something for her, and then knock it down! 
This is definitely a MUST if you live anywhere where it gets below 50 degrees and you'd like to take a walk with your baby! This thing is so warm and cozy, I usually don't even need to put a coat on Ella. It is super easy to put on your stroller too, it just velcros around the straps. Our nanny uses this pretty much everyday (they take lots of walks!) and loves it, too! 

And there you have it!
Stay safe out there if you are in our area and have lots of ice! Yikes!!! 

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