Monday, February 16, 2015

Ella's Birthday!

What is this...a blog post?!?
Yep, it's amazing how much stuff I get done on a long weekend!

Here's a very overdue recap of Ella's birthday (not the party...that will come in a few days weeks months...this is just from her actual birthday!!)

Let's back up to the day before her birthday....her last day of being 0! 

She got lots of birthday cards in the mail!

And had her last dinner before turning 1.

Oh, and her last bath of her first year too! 

Then, we did a birthday eve present! Since she was born at 3AM, I feel like her birthday is kind of the day before too, since that's when I was in labor!

We got her birthday jammies and a book!

In the morning of her actual birthday, we threw a bunch of balloons in her crib.

She was a little confused about what the heck was going on. 

Then we put a candle in her waffle at breakfast and sang to her (well, I did anyway...Travis "doesn't sing" hahaha)

February 3 just so happened to be Free Chicken Minis Day at Chick Fil-A, so of course we had to hit that up!

Good thing they were free, because Ella dropped about 80% of hers on the floor. 

Mackenzie and Chelsea also came to meet us, and Ella gave Mackenzie a hug!

Next up was a trip to the pediatrician. Yes, I am that mean mom who makes their child get shots on their birthday....but hey, it was the only way I could get another day off from school (because I wasn't just off for a whole year or anything...)!

Ella was not a happy camper from the time she got on the scale.

And after the shots?! Oh man. Poor girl had a rough time. Bless her little one year old heart.

After the doctor, lunch and a long nap, we had our monthly photo shoot and played with the balloons some more!

We finished out the day by going to a focus group that I am part of every 6-8 weeks! Everyone loved being able to see Ella on her birthday!

Oh, and then I cried myself to sleep because the next day I had to go back to work! And now I have a toddler!!!! WHAT?!?!

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  1. Her sad little face at the ped after her shots! Bless her heart!

    I hate to say it, but the pediatrician is NO FUN between 12-18 months. Kicking, screaming, wailing....yuck! But at M's 2 year appointment she LOVED him and still talks about it and asks when we're going back (not till 2.5! There are much bigger gaps between appointments as they get bigger).

    Anyway, besides the shots, it looks like her first birthday as a good one!