Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday

I have to be honest...I am totally SHOCKED that I am writing this. My brain is totally fried, I'm surprised I am able to form a sentence...but here we go!

1. Turning one SUCKS! Not for Ella, oh no, she is fine...but holy crap was it a traumatic experience for me! Someone told me that 11 months and the whole build up to 1 year was worse than them actually turning one....but I have to disagree. Maybe because I also went back to work at the same time?! 

2. Ella did have a fantastic birthday, even with her mom hysterically crying for a good 50% of the day. (And, for the record, I thought that was good!) I plan to do a whole separate post about her day, but here is my sweet girl in her special smocked birthday dress (Tiffany blue, of course!) waiting at the doctor...because I am a mean mom and made her get shots on her birthday. 

3. So everyone wants to know (or not!)... HOW IS SCHOOL?! I am here to tell you: IT IS AWFUL. But really. Not working for a year spoiled me. I hate being away from Ella. I hate waking up at 5 AM. I hate having almost zero cell phone reception at school, so I can't check my email/Facebook/Instagram (you know, the important things) until at least 4 PM. I hate having a to-do list longer than a mile and not having a second to even think about tackling one thing until the school day is over. I am really hoping I get used to this, but if not, we only have 78 more school days until the end of the year! Working moms, I have the utmost respect for you!! It is not easy!

4. Super big shoutout to these sweet Bunco friends!

After I showed up to Bunco Wednesday night, an hour late and completely exhausted, they asked me how school went (that had been my first day back) and I immediately burst into tears! How embarrassing! Luckily, they quickly got me a large glass of wine and made me feel better almost instantly! I am so lucky to have so many ladies who understand and can sympathize with my situation!! Thanks again, girls, for all of your sweet words and I'm sorry for being the hot mess drama queen!

5. Speaking of hot mess drama queens...can we just talk for a quick sec about The Bachelor (aka the only show on my DVr that I've watched this week....see also: #3)?!?! Ummm WTF Kelsey, go away. What a horrible person!!! And I am not such a Britt fan anymore!! Super fake! I really like Whitney (even though her voice is slightly obnoxious), Becca and Carly. I liked Jade until I found out she had been in Playboy...and the rest of the girls are just ehhh. 

Ok, time to get ready for Ella's birthday party tomorrow!!! I'll be sure to share pictures soon in a few weeks if/when I get this whole working mom thing under control! 
Have a great weekend!!! 


  1. ARe you a teacher? I am a teacher to and I am counting down the days. I feel ya its like you don't have time for the Important stuff haha :) We can make it through!!! Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  2. We share the same guilty pleasure -- The Bachelor is nuts and we (hubby, too!) look forward to Monday nights. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Not need to apologize! We love you and are here to listen!! I hoep I get to see you and sweet Ella Friday :)