Monday, February 2, 2015

Life with Ella {week 52}

Oh my gosh, y'all. Oh. my. gosh.
I am SOOO sad this is my last Life with Ella post!!!
Well for now, anyway! People have been asking me what I am going to do once Ella turns 1 and I go back to work. And I am not 100% sure! I know I will be very busy but hope to still blog occasionally with Ella updates (my goal is at least once a month). Maybe in the summer, when I'm home, we can continue our weekly posts, because I do love them...even though they are probably the most boring things to read, I love looking back and seeing what we did over this past year.

{Of course we had to end year 1 in our favorite 2 colors!}

Anyways!! My last {full} week at home with my favorite girl!
Unfortunately, it was kind of a dull week, because I was here for quite a few hours:

Yep, trying to learn how to teach again! 

I didn't go to school last Monday though, so I could spend a little extra time with my sweet girl...who kept trying to sneak upstairs with her milk!

Tuesday, after I spent a few hours at school, I was grateful for my little laundry helper...

...and party planner assistant! 

If I could count the number of times we have been to Joann's and Michael's....let's just say I think I am single-handedly keeping them in business. 

Anyway, Tuesday night, Ella got really sick. I'm not sure if it was something she ate or a super short-lived stomach bug, but she threw up 3 times. And I don't do vomit. It was awful!

So Wednesday was sort of a recovery day...but she was feeling much better by that afternoon. Better enough, anyway, to "love" her baby doll. We are making progress with the bitty baby and Ella will even give her hugs occasionally!


We also took a walk to the Teeter!

Thursday we wished Grandpa (my dad) a happy birthday...

...and wanted to drink the all the water (for her party)!

Friday, I decided to do a test run at school and was there ALLLLLL day (the other days this week, I just went for 2-3 hours per day). I missed Ella terribly, but thank goodness our nanny sends me lots of pictures, like this one!

When I got home, there was a little drama involving Baby and the Cozy Coupe...we are still working on sharing.

Speaking of sharing, on Saturday, Ella's boyfriend came over, so she had to share her toys with him!

They were so stinking cute with each other, I just about died. Ella also shared her car with him...except when she tried to climb in it, too. Then Rhys just tumbled out the other side. It was hilarious. 

Yesterday, we went to the circus!!! So fun!

Ella really liked it! She was clapping and waving, and danced to the music. 

I did feel bad for all of the animals. Apparently, they are not treated very well, but I pretended that they live in lavish cages and eat pounds of meat at every meal. 

So I had no idea the circus lasted for a more than an hour! The show was at 11AM, and we had to leave early (at 1PM!) because Ella was beyond tired. She totally crashed in the car on the way home. 

Ella decided to nap until 5:30 (!!!! the circus wore her out!!!!), but when she woke up, she had to wish her other grandpa (Trav's dad) a happy birthday!

And we also had to commemorate her first official Super Bowl. Last year, I was in labor on Super Bowl Sunday, but Ella didn't arrive until a few hours after the game ended. 

{headband / leggings / card--no idea why the grass printed red!}

I almost cried watching some of those commercials...and just remembering last year's eventful Super Bowl Sunday in general! But I did enjoy Katy Perry (and Missy!!)!!!

Stay tuned for some sappy birthday posts this week as my sweet baby becomes a toddler (please pass the tissues)!!!!!!


  1. I am a teacher too. When I went back to work I had to ask the kids questions because I was so out of i lol. It took me a couple days to get my brain back into the swing of things. I missed my little ones horribly but when I did get home it was so nice to be able to play with her and she loved it!! I hope it goes welll. You will do great

  2. What a fun week you've had...been thinking about you today...hope this week flies by!

  3. Ahhhh....Mindy, I can't believe I have been following your blog since you were doing your pregnancy updates & now Ella is ONE!!! Time has flown by!!! Good luck going back....I know it will be difficult!!!