Monday, July 20, 2015

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas...

....unless you have a blog, duh!

A few notes about Vegas before I begin the photo dump:
1. This was my first time to Vegas and it was totally what I expected, but not what I expected at the same time.
2. Everything was super overwhelming and over the top. The hotels are small cities, the people are super eccentric and there were a lot more foreigners that I expected.
3. Smoking in the casinos = yuck.
4. I did have a lot of fun, but I understand now why people only go to Vegas for a few days!! After 3 days, I was ready to get home and detox! 
5. I didn't see anyone famous. I know. I was so disappointed! I thought I would at least spot a Housewife!

Oh and also! I got to Vegas and realized I had brought the wrong lens for my fancy cam (my 50mm lens, which does not zoom in or out!). So most of these pics are from my good ol' iPhone! And please excuse the plethora of selfies...Trav didn't trust anyone to take our picture! Ha!

Ok so here we go...get comfortable because this is really long! 

I flew in Wednesday evening and met Trav (he had gotten there earlier because he was in Vegas for work!) at Aria, which is where we stayed. 

Our view from the 24th floor was incredible! I didn't take a pic of it at night, but here is what it looked like the next morning:

Anyways, that night I was pretty tired, so we walked around the Aria casino and next door at the Monte Carlo a little bit before I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. 

Thursday, Trav had meetings, so I got my birthday present: a morning of SPA TREATMENTS!!

I had a hot stone massage first, followed by a facial. They were both exquisite. The whole spa facility at Aria is highly recommended!!!

After my morning at the spa, I still had some time to kill before Trav got out of his meetings, so I went here:

and ordered this $30 glass of deliciousness!

Vegas is not cheap, y'all!

That night we had dinner at Javier's

I had the most amazing enchiladas and mango margaritas!!! They were about 293749 times better than the margs at Cantina...and those are were my absolute favorite! So that is really saying something!

Friday morning, Travis was done with meetings/work (yay!) so we decided to walk around the Strip. Our first stop was breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi, which is this adorable restaurant in Paris. 

Funny how I said I wanted a trip to Paris...and here I am! Haha...definitely not as good as the real Paris, but close enough! ;)

After our yummy breakfast, we headed north on Las Vegas Blvd. 

First stop was the Bellagio:

The Bellagio has these gorgeous gardens inside!

And also, the ceiling in the lobby was so cool!

Next we moved on to Caesar's Palace, which was the biggest hotel I've ever seen. 

It just kept going on and on and on and on...kind of like Rome (which is what it was based off). 

And yes, that's Fendi in the "Pantheon." Only in Vegas!

We needed a little break after Caesar's so we stopped in the Cromwell. I really liked the decor of this hotel, super swanky!

I did not like all of the money we lost playing blackjack there :(
(Even though we are smiling...)

Next up: the Venetian!

Poor Trav got so annoyed with my picture taking at this point. He kept saying "You've been to the real Venice, why take all these pictures here?!" Boys just don't get he is trying to run away from me ;)

Inside of the Venetian, all of the corridors are very narrow and twisty...easy to get lost, just like real Venice! And they have a canal, with gondolas and everything. You better believe I wanted to take a gondola ride, but guess who vetoed that. Boo.

Adjacent to the Venetian is the Palazzo, which is just as Italian, fancy and gorgeous! Here is the view from the balcony connecting the Venetian and Palazzo:

Our last stop on the strip was the Wynn. 

I really liked the decor of this place, too! Reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

After a little gambling, we took a cab back (it looks so close on the map, but it took us hours to walk this far!) to the Cosmopolitan.


I think if I came back to Vegas, I would stay here. Super fancy, and there is a bar called the Chandelier Bar. I mean, come on. What more could a girl ask for?!

Anyway, we had to stop here because I had to pick up a rental dress from Rent the Runway! 

I was so excited that I didn't have to pay shipping and could try the dress on in the store!

After we dropped my dress off at the hotel, we headed back out to see the Bellagio water show!

We finished our day with a late dinner at Mastro's Ocean Club, where we had the best ahi tuna either of us has tasted!

Saturday was our last full day in Vegas (we're almost done...hang in there!). 
We decided to take a cab to Old Vegas.

It was really a museum, but people still use the casinos!

After walking around Fremont Street for a while, and stopping in some of the old casinos, it looked like there was a big storm coming so we quickly grabbed a cab and headed back to the hotel. It was so windy, and I kept getting sand in my eyes. It looked like it was going to be pretty bad!

Oh ps, it rained for about 5 seconds total. 

That evening, we went to see a Cique du Soleil show, Zarkana. I didn't realize there were so many varieties of Cirque shows, but there are 8 different ones in Vegas! We chose Zarkana because it was right in the Aria, so we got a discount on tickets for being hotel guests.

I didn't take very good pictures with my phone, so here's a few I stole from their website!

The show was truly amazing and definitely worth the money! Highly recommend it!

After the show, we made a quick pit stop in our room so we could take a picture with the lights of Vegas (kind of) behind us.

We had to take more pics walking to dinner...

And then, for our last dinner in Vegas, we ate at Scarpetta in the Cosmopolitan. We had a gorgeous view, and got to see not one, not two, but THREE of the Bellagio's water shows during our meal! It was a great way to end our trip!

Whew! If you're still reading this, congrats!!!

We had a blast in Vegas! It was great to get away with just my husband, as we haven't done that since before Ella was born!!! I did miss my sweet girl though...shoutout to the grandparents for taking such good care of her while we were gone!!


  1. Ahh Vegas! Complete chaos but so fun! And yes, I walked it one time and cabbed everywhere since. You guys did a lot but wasn't it great to be back home?! Haha!

  2. Now that I've read that, I want a vacation, a massage, and a facial :)