Friday, July 31, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends!!!

1. If you read a lot of blogs, you probably have already heard that Leslie at A Blonde Ambition passed away on Monday. 

I have never met Leslie personally, but I enjoyed reading her blog and linking up for her fabulous "Confessional Fridays." The saddest part of all is that she leaves behind two sweet girls under the age of 2. Sooooo sad that these girls will never get to know their mama. I could cry just thinking about it.
While this is all super tragic and sad, it does inspire me to blog more and continue to share lots of "Life with Ella" -type posts on this space. Leslie's girls are lucky in the fact that they can always look back on her blog and read about the memories their mom shared with them. Life is just too short. 

2. Moving on to something more upbeat! (Almost literally.) Yesterday, we discovered the BEST kept secret in Charlotte! Our friend Anni invited a bunch of us for a play date at Sky Zone. I was a little apprehensive about it (I wasn't sure what exactly Ella was going to do there?) but they actually have a special Toddler Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-11! No kids over 5! And it was only $6 to bounce....for an entire hour!

Ella LOVED it! At first, she just kind of sat there....and I was worried I had spent a whole $6 for my kid to sit on a gigantic trampoline. 

But then, she saw what the other kids were doing, and she jumped up and down and all around for the rest of the hour! And took a fantastic nap later. So we will be heading back there every week!

3. Before we headed to Sky Zone, we had to meet with our landscaper to pick out some shrubs. I don't think I mentioned it on here but wayyyy back in April, we came home from California to find dead bushes. They have since been ripped out and almost 4 months later, we are finally getting some new stuff planted!

The bushes in the back row are the exact same of what we already have planted. The smaller, lighter green plants are what we are putting in! Ella was not a fan, but she'll come around I'm sure. 

4. Something else Ella was not a fan of this week? Getting new shoes. What. the. heck. girl. Are we even related?! She pitched a fit the entire time we were in Nordstrom. She wouldn't let the sales person measure her foot, and when she brought out the shoes, the only ones Ella wanted to wear were her old ones. 

I basically had to bribe her to take this picture with the shoe box. She threw it on the floor 3 seconds later. Toddlers are fun. 
Of course, later that night when Daddy came home from work, she ran to her closet, got the shoe box out and said "flah shooo, flah shooo!" (flower shoes, flower shoes; in case you don't speak Ella). Oh well. At least she likes them now

5. I'm thinking--key word: THINKING--about doing Whole 30

Yes I am probably crazy. But I feel like I eat SO much crap. Just complete garbage crap. And now that I'm 30 (!!!) my metabolism is slooooowing down so I can't eat whatever anymore. Sad face. 
I don't like diets, so that's why I am not jumping on this bandwagon just yet. If you've done Whole 30, let me know what you thought of it...and if you gained weight after you went back to eating normally!?!

Time for me and fav girl to hit up the Nature Museum! Have a great weekend!


  1. That is way too funny about the shoes! She sounds like she has such a fun personality. I love it! I'm sure she'll be keeping you on your toes for years to come. Also, thanks for sharing about the Sky Zone...I've heard of it, but now I'll need to give it a try.

  2. Life is so incredibly short, it just makes you want to cherish every moment like it's your last! Those flower shoes are adorable, too! :)

  3. I did a whole30 a few months ago. I lost 10 lbs, and was already at a good weight, it was not my intention to lose weight, just a bonus. ;) I did gain some back after, but that was because I went nuts and completely jumped back into bread and sweets afterwards. I should have gone slower at reintroducing foods. That said, it taught me what foods impact me negatively, and that I'm totally addicted to sugar. :(

  4. Such a sad loss. I never read her blog but her presence is everywhere. It sounds like she was a wonderful person with a wonderful influence. I've heard Sky Zone is great, but we've only been to Sky High. I'm looking forward to trying Sky Zone soon (maybe before school starts back)! My little one isn't a huge fan of shoes at all. Are Ella's old ones Pedipeds? I've been looking for a cute white sandal with a soft sole.

  5. Skyzone looks like a lot of fun. I think they just put something in like this near where I live. I was considering taking my niece Sofie there but I had assumed that she was too young. I'm glad to see that very young kids can enjoy it too. I'll definitely be adding this to the list of places to take Sofie.