Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fun with Clifford!

Last Friday, Ella and I headed to Imaginon to check out their story time, as well as their Clifford exhibit! Since Ella is currently obsessed with "choo choos," I figured we might as well take the light rail uptown while we were at it.

Ella loved every second of riding the {sometimes questionable} light rail. She wouldn't stop saying "choo choo," the whole way there and back.

Once we got to Imaginon, we met up with her little friend, Mackenize! There was lots of hugging... 

...and stretching...

...and of course bubbles! (What would story time be without bubbles?!)

After the story time, we went to see Clifford! We did have to wait for a while to get in, because they only allow a certain number of people in the exhibit at a time. While it was annoying to wait, I was certainly grateful for this rule once we got in, because it wasn't ridiculously crowded. 

There were so many things to do! I think it was geared toward kids slightly older than Ella (maybe 2 and up?), but she still had lots of fun exploring!

The icing on the cake? We got to stop by Daddy's office before heading home! Honestly, that was probably Ella's favorite part...forget trains and big red dogs, a girl just wants her dad sometimes! 

However, I do highly suggest visiting the Clifford exhibit if you are in Charlotte and have some little people with you! It was a lot of fun...and and did I mention, it's FREE!