Monday, July 6, 2015

30 before 30

So, some people make these lists of 30 things they want to accomplish before they turn 30. As per usual, I am a little tardy to the party, having never made a list and today is my 30th birthday! 
But! Never fear...I can't turn down a good list! So here are 30 things I have actually accomplished before today! 

1. Graduated college

2. Got my Master's degree

3. Found a really great guy (in a bar!)

6. Studied abroad in Spain

7. Traveled to Mexico, Germany, France, Switzerland and The Netherlands all before graduating high school

9. Took my husband to Italy for an unplanned baby-moon

10. Ran a marathon

11. Ran 2 half-marathons {2011 and 2014}

12. Placed in a running race (2nd place overall female in Charlotte RaceFest 10K in 2013!)

13. Been someone's maid-of-honor and gave a speech in front of 225+ people (one of my biggest fears!)

14. Remained friends with my high school chicas

15. Paid off my car

16. Bought a house

17. Swam in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

18. Taught at 3 different schools and 3 different grades

19. {Hopefully} touched the lives of over 160+ kiddos

20. Become a stay-at-home mom (something I never thought I'd do!)

21. Swam on a collegiate level

22. Joined a sorority

23. Gone parasailing (I'm terrified of heights so this as "daring" as I will get! No skydiving for this girl!)

24. Did 26 acts of kindness after Sandy Hook shooting

25. Started a blog

26. Made the Dean's List (1 semester, but hey, it counts!)

27. Been on Franklin Street when UNC won the National Championship for basketball

28. Met some real housewives/celebrities {Kyle | Teresa | Kathy | Bethenny | Adrienne (before the blog!) | Kathie Lee}

29. Moved to a new place far from home (Charlotte!)

30. Have great relationships with my family (I call my mom everyday!) and my friends!

Whew! If you read all of that, congrats!!! 

Now...what should I do in my next 30 years?! (Hello, Tim McGraw song)


  1. That random act of kindness is really nice. If I have less than $2 left on a gift card, I ask the cashier to keep it or apply to someone else's order.

  2. Happy 30th Birthday!!! You've done quite a lot in your 30 years :)

  3. I love this list!! Especially the Chi Omega part! ;)

  4. What a great list of accomplishments before 30! I bet it's fun looking back at all you've done :)

  5. Happy late birthday! You've accomplished so much in 30 years! Amazing!!

  6. Aww look at you! What great accomplishments. Happy 30th!