Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Fun!

Scrolling through social media the past few days, it seems like everyone was at either a wedding or a birthday party this past weekend! Lucky for us, we got to do both! :)

Saturday was my friend Katie's wedding!

After a quick (standard) family photo shoot, we left Ella with her nanny for the very last time! Alexi is moving back to Cali and we will miss her SO much!!!

Katie's wedding was at Byron's here in Charlotte and I looooved how she decorated!!!
The flowers were beyond gorge, the cake was amazing, and her dress was....very Katie!! It was pink and sparkly...2 things I knew would be a part of her wedding! :) I loved it!

Check out her pink Chuck's...again SO Katie!

It was great to reunite with my teacher friends. We all taught at the same school once upon a time...and now NONE of us are at that school! Crazy!

Our fun didn't end there...on Sunday we went to a birthday party at the airport!

Ella was obsessed with the venue!

Unfortunately, Ella was not obsessed with taking a group picture! Ha! Look at her in the corner crying. 

Happy Birthday, Emma Cate and Holden!

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!