Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ella Grace {16 months}

Well, I totally didn't intend on writing a 16 month update, but this chick has been learning so much and is SO hilarious lately that I figured I might as well.

Ok, I promise she is funny. Just not this picture. She hates photo shoots!

In bullet form, because with 6 (SIX, y'all!!!) more days left of school, I just don't have time for much else!

-Ella, I have no clue how much you weight or how tall you are. I am sorry. My guess is about 31-ish inches and 25-ish pounds?? I will figure it out soon. Mommy still loves you.
-You are pretty solidly in 18 month clothes. Some 12 month things fit (bubbles do not), and you are also wearing some 24 month and 2T outfits as well.

{this was the best pic I could get today...}

-New words this month: Up (you say this about 204829 times a day), cracker, bubble, cookie, cheese, teeth, waffle, baby, "nah" (which is what you call your bunny..and you argue with us when we try to tell you its a insist on "nah!"), uhhhh-ohhh, wah-wah (water), hop...I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember what all you've just started saying this month, vs. words you already knew! Daddy and I counted the other day, and we could think of 25+ words you knew just off the top of our heads!
-You LOVE your ABCs. You point to the letters on the wall in your room and say "ah, dee, say.." We are still working on you saying "A, B, C," but for now, we are pretty impressed! You light up when we sing the ABC song!

{you are looking at the letters and trying to sing your ABCs when I snapped this pic!}

-You can identify parts of your body if we ask you, where is your: belly button (and the belly buttons on your baby dolls!), heart, teeth, mouth and nose!
-You are obsessed with exercising. You love the exercise ball and treadmill in our extra bedroom, and when we say "runny run," you run in place really fast and it is probably the funniest thing ever. You still love sitting in the BOB and going on runs with Mommy.

-You love to brush your teeth with Daddy. Every morning as soon as you get up, you ask, "Teeth?" And if we ask you how you brush your teeth, you can mimic that motion hilariously. 
-You love your babies! They go pretty much everywhere with you! You also think every kid you see under the age of 5 is a "baby" and you aren't afraid to tell them!

-A favorite game is still peek a boo. You love hiding in the curtains and then jumping out and yelling "BOO!" (Although sometimes you yell "Cheese!" I think you are getting confused with taking a picture?!) You also love to hide your baby dolls with blankets and then say boo to them when you "find" them.

Ella, I am sorry you hated your life when I was taking your picture today, but I still love you so, so, SO much!!! I can't wait for this summer...we are going to have SO much fun!!!

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  1. Happy 16 months, Ella! I love her in her little Lilly bikini! She is growing up so fast! So stinking cute :)