Friday, May 22, 2015

Five on Friday!

Let's be real...I think for the next 3 weeks, the only blog posts I am going to have time for are 5 on Fridays!

1. And also being real...every 5 on Friday for the next 3 weeks will be probably include a countdown till the end of the year!!! We are at 13 days till summer after today!!!!!!!!

I also want to share something more positive (can you believe it?!?!?) about my job. Yesterday was my sweet autistic boy's birthday. He is non-verbal, and while he is such a sweetheart, most of the kids have trouble forming friendships with him because he does not talk. But one of my smartest little boys has really befriended him, and is always willing to help him out. If I could have a whole class full of these two, I would. Such sweet boys, I can't even stand it. Well, yesterday, the smart boy brought in a birthday card for the autistic boy and I about cried my eyes out.

"You are my best friend. Have a wonderful birthday!" 

I hope Ella turns out like this kid, because he is seriously a teacher's dream. I need to talk to his mom...she is doing something right!

2. Moving on, our "high quality" Ikea bed broke last weekend!!! Trav was sitting up when we heard something snap! And ohhh, the whole footboard was busted. Yay. 
Some little carpenter wanted to help Daddy take it apart...

...but she wasn't so sure about getting a new bed at Ikea!

3. Also last weekend, we went to the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament!!

We had a great time, and I loved matching my girl in our Lilly for Target outfits!

We also set up a picnic lunch by the lake...I could have spent the whole day in that spot!

We only got a little sunburnt ;) 
Now accepting sunscreen (baby and adult) recommendations!!

4. On Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment (which, obviously warrants me a whole day off, no?!), so afterwards Ella and I met up with some friends at the strawberry patch!

Ella hated it at first...

...but that all changed once she picked up her first berry!!

We went to Wise Acres, where they do not use any pesticides or harsh I definitely felt better about the hordes of berries Ella ate right off the bush!!

We did pay for 3 actual pounds of berries (which are already gone!), but Ella got much more for free...sneaky, sneaky!

5. Also on Tuesday, we discovered: the Harris Teeter Car Cart.

Oh man, was it a good time. Not looking forward to the next time they are out of car carts and Ella has a meltdown...what have I started?!?!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!! 
We are headed to Trav's sister's graduation, then parking ourselves at the pool for the remainder of the weekend!!


  1. Sounds like you guys have a fun weekend planned! I remember when you had over 100 days left of school so 13 will hopefully fly by for you!

  2. That is so sweet! I am teacher so that card touches my heart :)
    Hope you had a great weekend
    Chelsea @

  3. ooohhh strawberry picking!! can't wait! That card is so stinkin' cute :-)

    <3 Sarita it's my girls' world

  4. I love the matching Lilly outfits! Hope your last 13 days of school fly by!