Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ella Grace {15 months}

Well, I didn't do a monthly post last month (I know you were worried), so I figured it was time for an Ella update!

Ella, today you are 15 months old and you. are. HILARIOUS. As if you can't tell by the picture above. It is monkey see, monkey do all the time over here, and when you saw Daddy crossing his arms, it became your new favorite thing to do! 
You also love blowing kisses, giving hugs and grabbing people's faces...we are working on not doing that last one!

I actually weighed and measured you, more for my own curiosity than anything else... not sure how accurate this is but you are 23.6 pounds and 30 inches tall. You are getting to be a little chunker! :)

I know, it's exhausting doing all that growing! I had bought you a whole bunch of 12 month bubbles to wear this summer...and a few weeks ago, we realized they were already too small! So I had to sell those and re-buy more summer clothes for you! 
You wear mostly 18 month clothes, but can do 12 months if it runs big or is a dress. You can also wear 18-24 month stuff and even 2T! Whatttt...we are almost out of the month-sized clothes??!! TEAR! You also moved up to size 4 diapers when we were in California. 

You love books! They are your favorite "toy" hands down. Every night, you bring Daddy and I at least 4 books for us to read to you. You love pointing to the pictures and saying the words you know: "choo-choo (train)," "cah (car)," "woof (dog)," "neigh (horse)," "moo (cow)," "hooo (owl)"....I could go on and on. You are getting so smart!

Your favorite phrase is "ahhh done!" (All done!) You wave your hands and say it after you are done with anything and everything....meals, bath, reading, etc. It is too funny! 

You are FINALLY walking! You started getting more independent around mid-March, and by the time we went to California, you were walking all over the place! Now, you are practically running! You rarely crawl've figured out walking is so much faster!

You hate grass. Bless. 

We moved you out of your infant car seat at the end of March (but still used it in Cali). You love your new car seat, and riding in the "cah"!! 

My sweet girl...every day is so much fun with you!!! This is one of my favorite ages so far! (Although I say that pretty much every month...I really do LOVE this age!!) Your spunky personality is hilarious and everyone who meets you just loves you (including Kyle Richards)!!
Summer is coming soon and I know we are going to have a blast!!! 

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